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Quite often, questions are submitted for posting that require further clarification before an appropriate or prompt response can be delivered. This is most common when people ask questions that refer to a particular location or locations within the city but don't provide enough information in their request to pinpoint the location for response. We expect our departments to respond promptly to citizen requests but have found they are often hampered by insufficient information. To insure citizen questions can be answered promptly and accurately we now require registration and a valid email address to post a question so our departments can communicate with a citizen directly and obtain clarification if necessary.

You do not need to register if you simply desire to read the questions and answers posted on this board.

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Street Light QuestionBen Brezina, Assista01-04-17  08:13 am
Very bright LED signs at nightBen Brezina, Assista01-04-17  08:11 am
Legacy southbound to 121 TollBen Brezina, Assista10 02-24-17  02:13 pm
Road expansionBen Brezina, Assista11-10-16  03:44 pm
Custer expansionBen Brezina, Assista10 11-10-16  03:43 pm
Finish the repair at Teel/Panther CreekBen Brezina, Assista10-12-16  04:13 pm
New Street Name Signs on Traffic Lights Around The StarBen Brezina, Assista10-06-16  04:44 pm
FM 423 WideningBen Brezina, Assista26 10-04-16  12:48 pm
What's being built?Ben Brezina, Assista210 39 10-04-16  11:48 am
DNT turnarounds?Ben Brezina, Assista08-22-16  08:19 am
Independence (road/lights)Ben Brezina, Assista08-18-16  04:25 pm
Main Street - old road markingsBen Brezina, Assista08-18-16  04:24 pm
Are there any regulations regarding building a basketball courtBen Brezina, Assista06-29-16  01:05 pm
Ownership of Neighborhood EntrancesBen Brezina, Assista06-29-16  01:03 pm
Trap & Skeet ShootingBen Brezina, Assista06-15-16  10:02 am
Fishing at Warren Sports ComplexBen Brezina, Assista05-26-16  10:16 am
Grand ParkBen Brezina, Assista42 05-09-16  10:24 am
Street Lights inside communityBen Brezina, Assista03-07-16  02:25 pm
Yucca Ridge ParkBen Brezina, Assista01-07-16  08:48 am
FM423 and Stonebrook ParkwayBen Brezina, Assista10-20-15  08:23 am
Lebanon Road W of DNTBen Brezina, Assista09-11-15  04:00 pm
Widening of Lebanon between 423 and 4th army?Ben Brezina, Assista30 09-11-15  03:55 pm
121 Overlay District/Montreal Tower Replica off IndependenceBen Brezina, Assista09-11-15  03:54 pm
Water Use after the rains ended.Ben Brezina, Assista09-02-15  01:46 pm
Tree RemovalBen Brezina, Assista09-02-15  01:43 pm
Algae Warren Park Vial LakeRick Wieland, Dir. o08-24-15  02:27 pm
Stonebrook Pkwy ExpansionBen Brezina, Assista14 08-18-15  05:53 pm
Portable toiletBen Brezina, Assista07-29-15  10:37 am
Gander Mountain?MJ07-27-15  11:12 pm
NE corner Teel & Main?Ben Brezina, Assista07-16-15  09:33 am
B.F. Phillips ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o20 07-14-15  09:23 am
Playground Cover - Fairway Green ParkBen Brezina, Assista06-17-15  12:52 pm
Zoning for Coit and RolaterBen Brezina, Assista06-17-15  12:50 pm
DumpstersBen Brezina, Assista06-17-15  12:49 pm
Fix railroad crossing south of Stonebrook going SouthBen Brezina, Assista06-17-15  12:47 pm
Construction on Preston south of EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista04-29-15  04:40 pm
Panther Creek Reuse Water ProjectBen Brezina, Assista04-29-15  04:37 pm
Decel right turn lane on WB Stonebrook at 4th Army?Joel Fitts, Senior T04-13-15  09:31 am
Eastbound Stonebrook at LegacyJoel Fitts, Senior T04-13-15  09:22 am
Stonebrook and 4th ArmyJoel Fitts, Senior T04-10-15  04:16 pm
Eldorado Parkway ExpansionBen Brezina, Assista54 04-09-15  02:23 pm
Preston Rd b/w Eldorado/MainBeau Lollar23 03-09-15  01:31 pm
WB Main between Kyser Way and Trails PkwyBen Brezina, Assista01-31-15  08:51 am
Dallas Morning News "Briefings"Ben Brezina, Assista13 01-21-15  04:05 pm
"Future City Park" inside Phillips Creek RanchBen Brezina, Assista01-14-15  08:56 pm
Southeast FriscoBen Brezina, Assista12-19-14  02:56 pm
Light at Panther Creek and EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista12-19-14  02:56 pm
Medican Lights - CusterBen Brezina, Assista12-08-14  09:27 am
Road work on Main Street on Coit, Independence and CusterBen Brezina, Assista11-19-14  04:01 pm
DNT & EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista11-19-14  03:05 pm
New power lines on Main Street West of LegacyBen Brezina, Assista11-19-14  02:52 pm
DNT and EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista11-19-14  02:46 pm
Badminton at Southwest Park on TimberRidgeRick Wieland, Dir. o12 11-12-14  05:15 pm
When does Frisco stop Fluoride contamination of City Water?Ben Brezina, Assista11-12-14  02:58 pm
What is bring built on StonebrookBen Brezina, Assista14 11-12-14  02:36 pm
Car cover?Ben Brezina, Assista11-12-14  02:34 pm
Turning Right on DNT from Main StreetBen Brezina, Assista11-12-14  02:33 pm
Schools vs restaurantsBen Brezina, Assista10-15-14  04:37 pm
Kingswood/Westside MarketBen Brezina, Assista10-15-14  04:25 pm
What is being built on Timber Ridge and Teel?Ben Brezina, Assista10-15-14  02:04 pm
Any plan for a park on Lewisville lake?Rick Wieland, Dir. o10-14-14  02:10 pm
Rolator MedianBen Brezina, Assista09-11-14  09:28 am
Decel right turn lane on WB Stonebrook at 4th Army?Ben Brezina, Assista09-08-14  10:46 am
Toyota and 1% Sales TaxBen Brezina, Assista09-08-14  10:16 am
Ohio/LebanonBen Brezina, Assista09-08-14  10:05 am
NW Corner of Lebanon and OhioBen Brezina, Assista09-08-14  10:03 am
What's being built? - Ohio and WadeBen Brezina, Assista09-08-14  10:03 am
Mosquito Spray in the Griffin Parc community -off teel parkway and ...Ben Brezina, Assista09-08-14  08:07 am
Lake on Teel next to Elevate Life ChurchRick Wieland, Dir. o12 09-05-14  06:07 pm
Frisco Commons Spray ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o09-05-14  05:43 pm
What will be built on the land behind Newman Elementary in Knolls o...Rick Wieland, Dir. o09-05-14  05:35 pm
Park PlansRick Wieland, Dir. o66 09-05-14  05:23 pm
Coit / Buckeye DrRick Wieland, Dir. o09-05-14  04:53 pm
Coit / Buckeye DrRick Wieland, Dir. o09-05-14  04:51 pm
Lethal Animal Traps - Kania 2000Rick Wieland, Dir. o09-05-14  04:45 pm
Weed controlRick Wieland, Dir. o09-05-14  04:30 pm
Model RocketsRick Wieland, Dir. o09-05-14  04:22 pm
School ZoneBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  04:14 pm
Power assisted bicyclesBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  04:12 pm
Cyclist / Cars and FPDBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  02:43 pm
Super TargetBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  02:35 pm
Twin Falls Connector near Pioneer MiddleBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  02:23 pm
Frisco Water TowerBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  02:20 pm
Traffic Light Southbound Legacy at EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  12:28 pm
Stonebrook Pkwy gapBen Brezina, Assista27 09-05-14  12:25 pm
4th Army Drive RoutingBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  12:24 pm
Low Water PressureBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  12:21 pm
Interior Fireplace Building code questionBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  12:20 pm
Frisco North Development/Highway 380Ben Brezina, Assista09-05-14  12:18 pm
Old Royal/II Brothers siteBen Brezina, Assista09-05-14  12:15 pm
Eldorado Fairways ParkBen Brezina, Assista08-05-14  11:02 am
Taychas Trail Extension - Update?Ben Brezina, Assista08-05-14  11:01 am
Lone Star Parkway?Ben Brezina, Assista08-05-14  10:55 am
Bacchus Park ExpansionBen Brezina, Assista08-05-14  10:54 am
Automated Red Light Camera Information/ConfusionBen Brezina, Assista08-05-14  10:52 am
Right Turn RulesBen Brezina, Assista07-30-14  10:07 am
Shooting airgun on propertyBen Brezina, Assista07-30-14  10:02 am
Missing/dead trees in the medians going down Legacy towards Cheyenn...Ben Brezina, Assista07-28-14  04:42 pm
Development plans for land near Liberty High School Ben Brezina, Assista07-28-14  04:34 pm
Frisco St and Technology IntersectionBen Brezina, Assista07-16-14  09:53 am
PANTHER CREEK & HONEY GROVEBen Brezina, Assista07-15-14  11:26 am
Recycling pickup not happeningBen Brezina, Assista07-15-14  11:21 am
Lake/Water Catchment Next to Elevate Church on Tell PkwyBen Brezina, Assista07-15-14  11:20 am
Square vs Angled left-turn lanesBen Brezina, Assista07-15-14  11:19 am
Grocery Store DeveloperBen Brezina, Assista07-15-14  10:59 am
Frisco Market CenterBen Brezina, Assista18 07-15-14  10:57 am
NE Community Park - Coit & Panther CreekRick Wieland, Dir. o12 07-14-14  04:37 pm
Hillcrest north of RolaterBen Brezina, Assista06-16-14  10:26 am
Bike RiderBen Brezina, Assista06-16-14  09:31 am
Parking Issues Created by School EventsJoel Fitts, Senior T06-13-14  01:51 pm
Golf CartsBen Brezina, Assista06-12-14  01:37 pm
Site Work at Lebanon-ParkwoodBen Brezina, Assista05-23-14  04:36 pm
Mowing utility green beltBen Brezina, Assista05-23-14  03:10 pm
What's being built ? (Preston/Wade)Ben Brezina, Assista05-23-14  03:09 pm
Side fenceBen Brezina, Assista05-23-14  03:05 pm
Side fenceCharbel Constantine05-23-14  03:05 pm
Park next to Gunstream schoolBen Brezina, Assista05-23-14  03:03 pm
Digging on TeelBen Brezina, Assista05-23-14  03:02 pm
Backyard Fire Pit for recreational useBen Brezina, Assista05-23-14  03:00 pm
Can Frisco form it's own internet utility?Ben Brezina, Assista05-21-14  10:32 am
Google Fiber RFIBen Brezina, Assista15 05-21-14  10:25 am
Lack of ISP CompetitionBen Brezina, Assista05-21-14  10:22 am
Water taste and odorBen Brezina, Assista05-21-14  09:11 am
Water taste and odorGeorge Faraj05-21-14  09:11 am
What is being built?Ben Brezina, Assista05-08-14  09:52 am
Cars Parked on Street - Samantha DriveBen Brezina, Assista05-05-14  02:19 pm
Vehicle Parking on Residential StreetBen Brezina, Assista30 05-05-14  02:18 pm
Noise control ordinance - what is "unreasonably loud"?Ben Brezina, Assista05-05-14  02:16 pm
Coit at RolatorBen Brezina, Assista04-30-14  07:56 am
Sprinkler System Ben Brezina, Assista04-29-14  01:53 pm
Watering SodBen Brezina, Assista04-29-14  11:15 am
Grand ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o04-28-14  09:32 am
Taychas Trail Extension - Update?Rick Wieland, Dir. o04-28-14  09:19 am
Meaning or history behind the street name "4th Army Memorial Road"...Ben Brezina, Assista04-16-14  02:19 pm
Meaning or history behind the street name "4th Army Memorial Road"...RN767604-16-14  02:19 pm
What is being built?Kole Steubing04-16-14  01:10 pm
City ordinance on 'wind devices'Ben Brezina, Assista04-15-14  06:22 pm
Panther Creek ParkwayBen Brezina, Assista04-15-14  06:21 pm
Custer Bridges at 121 and CusterBen Brezina, Assista04-15-14  06:18 pm
Grand Parkbridgett forge04-09-14  09:06 am
What is being built?Ben Brezina, Assista04-09-14  09:04 am
Train Speed Near Cheyenne Village & StarwoodJohn Bruce, Chief of04-03-14  02:38 pm
Correct Left Turn rulesJoel Fitts, Senior T04-01-14  05:25 pm
Sod in MediansRick Wieland, Dir. o03-31-14  04:05 pm
Warren Sports Complex WellRick Wieland, Dir. o03-31-14  03:57 pm
Creekside at Preston- Empty LotsBen Brezina, Assista03-31-14  03:41 pm
Subdivisions on RockhillBen Brezina, Assista03-31-14  03:40 pm
Central Market in Frisco?Ben Brezina, Assista03-20-14  10:53 am
Widen alley way drivewayBen Brezina, Assista03-20-14  09:56 am
Widen alley way drivewayVictor Alvarez03-20-14  09:56 am
Driving habits in front of elementary schoolsBen Brezina, Assista03-19-14  08:18 am
Replacing FenceBen Brezina, Assista16 03-11-14  01:59 pm
Independence and LebanonBen Brezina, Assista03-04-14  03:42 pm
Highland Ridge - Lone star ranch parkway road/light/signal/schoolBen Brezina, Assista11 02-19-14  02:09 pm
New Construction off of DNT/EL Dorado and Teel ParkwayBen Brezina, Assista02-18-14  06:41 pm
Area behind Village Lakes Phase 3Alicia Kasper02-04-14  08:02 pm
Development along 121 in SE FriscoBen Brezina, Assista01-21-14  08:43 am
Gun Range Getting Annoying!Ben Brezina, Assista01-20-14  02:12 pm
Coit Road between Main and EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista01-20-14  02:10 pm
Construction at Teel & The Trails ParkwayBen Brezina, Assista01-20-14  02:09 pm
"PODS" Type ContainersBen Brezina, Assista01-20-14  02:07 pm
2 Gun Clubs in Frisco?Ben Brezina, Assista11 01-20-14  02:02 pm
Main Street between DNT and TeelJoel Fitts, Senior T01-16-14  08:46 am
"PODS" Type Containerssteve burns01-10-14  12:12 pm
Stuck Freight TrainBen Brezina, Assista01-09-14  08:42 am
Gasoline disposalBen Brezina, Assista12-18-13  02:51 pm
Gasoline disposalBrian12-18-13  02:50 pm
No Signage for Fire Station #5Ben Brezina, Assista12-09-13  04:24 pm
New Construction by CostcoJim Kitchens12-06-13  01:32 pm
Turkey Fryer Fires / InjuriesPaul_siebert11-26-13  03:13 pm
Golf carts on sidewalksBen Brezina, Assista13 11-26-13  11:41 am
Frisco Square Zoning ChangesBen Brezina, Assista11-25-13  11:12 am
Construction on Teel Behind Heather Ridge PoolBen Brezina, Assista11-25-13  10:47 am
Eldorado between Hillcrest and IndependenceBen Brezina, Assista11-25-13  10:46 am
Stonebrook Parkway Parkwood to DNTJason Brodigan, Sr. 11-25-13  08:22 am
Riding bicycle on sidewalk....Ben Brezina, Assista11-22-13  04:21 pm
LibraryBen Brezina, Assista11-22-13  04:19 pm
Libraryanshul11-22-13  04:13 pm
Red light at Lebanon & RushmoreBen Brezina, Assista11-13-13  11:09 am
Border for trees on street-side of sidewalkBen Brezina, Assista11-13-13  11:07 am
ParkBen Brezina, Assista11-13-13  09:52 am
4th army construction trucksBen Brezina, Assista11-13-13  09:42 am
Community Park between Shaddock Creek & Heather Ridge EstatesMike33 11-07-13  01:21 pm
Utility Services informationBen Brezina, Assista11-04-13  12:40 pm
Legacy reconstructionBen Brezina, Assista10-28-13  06:45 pm
City Park in Miramonte DevelopmentBen Brezina, Assista10-28-13  06:42 pm
Community meeting roomBen Brezina, Assista10-23-13  12:46 pm
Animal control / neighborhood catBen Brezina, Assista10-23-13  12:37 pm
Animal control / neighborhood catMJ10-23-13  12:36 pm
Handicap RidesBen Brezina, Assista10-23-13  12:33 pm
Handicap RidesKim Flores10-23-13  12:33 pm
Open Space North of Highland Ridge on 423Ben Brezina, Assista10-23-13  12:32 pm
Open Space North of Highland Ridge on 423Tammy Kaufman10-23-13  12:31 pm
Railroad tracksBen Brezina, Assista10-23-13  12:31 pm
Cobb Farm Phase IIIBen Brezina, Assista10-23-13  12:29 pm
NE Corner of Frisco St and All-StarsBen Brezina, Assista10-16-13  08:53 am
FM 423 Frisco Welcome Sign ?Ben Brezina, Assista10-14-13  11:54 am
4th army construction trucksChuck Brown10-14-13  11:49 am
423 and LebanonBen Brezina, Assista23 10-03-13  02:24 pm
Trees on RolaterBen Brezina, Assista10-03-13  01:55 pm
Trees on Rolater Between Preston and HillcrestRon Herman10-03-13  11:15 am
Replacing Trees in Front YardBen Brezina, Assista09-24-13  09:09 am
What is being built on Independence South of Main?Ben Brezina, Assista09-23-13  02:15 pm
West Nile "Fogger" 9/22-23 @Panther CreekBen Brezina, Assista09-23-13  02:06 pm
New Electric Transmission Line and Substation ProjectBen Brezina, Assista09-23-13  02:01 pm
Water Restriction EnforcementDonna Roberson09-12-13  11:41 am
Water Restriction EnforcementDonna Roberson09-12-13  11:41 am
911 Service/Cell Phone QuestionJoel Fitts, Senior T10 09-06-13  04:58 pm
Speed enforcementJoel Fitts, Senior T09-06-13  03:08 pm
New Construction by CostcoMelinda Denton09-06-13  01:58 pm
Legacy/121 Welcome to Frisco signBen Brezina, Assista09-06-13  01:58 pm
New Pool ConstructionBen Brezina, Assista09-06-13  01:56 pm
Water Storage along CusterBen Brezina, Assista09-04-13  01:49 pm
Road signs missing and Signal light questionBen Brezina, Assista08-26-13  04:30 pm
Water Storage along CusterBen Brezina, Assista08-26-13  04:27 pm
Horrible Water Odor and TasteBen Brezina, Assista08-26-13  01:31 pm
Red Lights - Eldorado/DNT and Legacy/DNTNancy Ferguson08-21-13  05:38 pm
Inflatable Structure???Ben Brezina, Assista08-19-13  04:06 pm
Recycle car seats & basesBen Brezina, Assista08-13-13  02:02 pm
Beaver Bend Park- Tree ReplacementRick Wieland, Dir. o08-06-13  10:54 am
Tree Replacement-Lebanon/Legacy MediansRick Wieland, Dir. o08-06-13  10:33 am
Construction on preston next to walmartBen Brezina, Assista08-06-13  10:22 am
Duncan Park @ Curtsinger ElementaryIfBen Brezina, Assista08-06-13  10:19 am
DNT/380 accidentsBen Brezina, Assista08-05-13  01:31 pm
Light timing at Eldorado and Walmart (near 423)Ben Brezina, Assista07-31-13  09:45 am
Panther Creek Pkwy - Pink MarkersBen Brezina, Assista07-30-13  10:06 am
Teel pkwy between Stonebrook and MainJoel Fitts, Senior T07-29-13  05:33 pm
Stonebrook and Cotten GinBen Brezina, Assista12 07-29-13  01:41 pm
Street Lights on RolaterBen Brezina, Assista07-29-13  01:40 pm
Preston RD (b/t Gary Burns and Hickory)Ben Brezina, Assista07-29-13  01:10 pm
Gaylord Pkwy, between Warren and LebanonBen Brezina, Assista07-29-13  11:39 am
Tollway OverpassesBen Brezina, Assista07-29-13  11:39 am
Legacy/121 Welcome to Frisco signBen Brezina, Assista07-29-13  11:30 am
Crescent Park ConditionBen Brezina, Assista07-29-13  11:19 am
Day Laborers on Main StreetTodd Renshaw, Direct12 07-29-13  07:10 am
Plantation Golf Club driving range protective netsBen Brezina, Assista10 07-24-13  12:04 pm
5510 FM 423Ben Brezina, Assista07-24-13  11:57 am
Eldorado & Coit built statusBen Brezina, Assista07-22-13  11:07 am
Construction at 5359 lebanon RoadBen Brezina, Assista07-22-13  09:43 am
Stage 3 Water Restrictions - QuestionBen Brezina, Assista07-10-13  01:35 pm
Frisco TrashBen Brezina, Assista07-09-13  01:57 pm
Left Lane Closed AheadBen Brezina, Assista07-09-13  11:45 am
Dominion at Panther Creek walking trailBen Brezina, Assista07-02-13  11:14 am
Digging on Oakleaf Drive and Pineview?Ben Brezina, Assista07-02-13  08:55 am
NEC Eldorado and TeelBen Brezina, Assista07-01-13  04:17 pm
Blinking emergency traffic light in front of Station #6Joel Fitts, Senior T06-28-13  08:43 am
Pie Five PizzaBen Brezina, Assista06-26-13  04:37 pm
Grass in median on Independence PkwyBen Brezina, Assista06-24-13  03:01 pm
Signal timing at Teel and EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista06-24-13  02:42 pm
What's being built - construction along coit between lebanon and co...Ben Brezina, Assista06-24-13  09:58 am
Water Restrictions and New ConstructionBen Brezina, Assista06-14-13  09:30 am
How many new houses are being built in FriscoBen Brezina, Assista06-14-13  09:28 am
Water TowerBen Brezina, Assista06-14-13  09:26 am
City public areas being watered in the heat of dayBen Brezina, Assista06-14-13  09:17 am
Being built next to prairie estates Ben Brezina, Assista06-11-13  09:27 am
Panther Creek PkwyBen Brezina, Assista06-11-13  09:17 am
Frisco Athletic Center Membership AssistanceBen Brezina, Assista06-11-13  09:01 am
SWC Panther Creek and DNTBen Brezina, Assista06-11-13  08:55 am
Replacement for Albertson'sBen Brezina, Assista06-11-13  08:53 am
Frisco City Parks Volleyball courtsBen Brezina, Assista06-11-13  08:39 am
Tornado Shelters - above ground / garage mounted? Jason Brodigan, Sr. 06-10-13  02:23 pm
Watering the streetBen Brezina, Assista06-10-13  01:36 pm
Huge Tree RemovedBen Brezina, Assista06-04-13  11:34 am
Verizon FiosRaveen Bhasin27 05-29-13  10:14 am
Skateboards in the streetBen Brezina, Assista05-29-13  09:13 am
Rock Creek Ln & LebanonBen Brezina, Assista05-28-13  12:47 pm
Christie Ranch Phase 2DBen Brezina, Assista05-13-13  11:00 am
Fences / Frisco City CodeBen Brezina, Assista05-07-13  02:41 pm
Yuma Drive ConstructionBen Brezina, Assista04-26-13  09:07 am
Construction Behind Home DepotBen Brezina, Assista04-25-13  03:14 pm
About cigaretteBen Brezina, Assista04-23-13  03:09 pm
About cigaretteAllen Chung04-23-13  03:09 pm
Dump / Recycle Automotive Parts ?Ben Brezina, Assista04-23-13  02:38 pm
Dump / Recycle Automotive Parts ?Bob Johnson04-23-13  02:37 pm
Gaylord Pkwy, between Warren and LebanonTravis Schneider04-17-13  10:11 am
Independence RoadBen Brezina, Assista04-17-13  10:09 am
Stonebrook to tollway closedBen Brezina, Assista04-16-13  10:36 am
Stonebrook to tollway closedChris Berry04-16-13  10:35 am
Railroad tracksBen Brezina, Assista04-12-13  08:21 am
Frisco city hall a gun free zone?Todd Renshaw, Direct04-11-13  02:52 pm
Teel Parkway South Ben Brezina, Assista04-11-13  09:29 am
Cotton Gin Rd to DNTBen Brezina, Assista04-11-13  09:26 am
Teel and EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista04-11-13  09:25 am
Colony connectorBen Brezina, Assista04-11-13  09:10 am
POTENTIAL LEAK ON EL DORADOBen Brezina, Assista04-10-13  10:23 am
Cottonwood Creek Park plan?Brian C04-02-13  03:44 pm
Legacy Drive - unevenBen Brezina, Assista04-02-13  03:21 pm
Stonebrook and LegacyBen Brezina, Assista04-02-13  02:47 pm
Stonebrook and LegacyRui Zhang04-02-13  02:47 pm
Big Hole: NE corner of Main and LegacyBen Brezina, Assista04-02-13  01:27 pm
Iron gate for turretBen Brezina, Assista03-28-13  02:36 pm
Are there any city or HOA restriction on buying adjacent housing lots?Ben Brezina, Assista03-28-13  01:04 pm
Retail development on Coit and Main intersectionBen Brezina, Assista03-28-13  01:00 pm
Traffic on Fisher, Rogers ElementaryBen Brezina, Assista03-27-13  09:45 am
Community Awareness Night May 18thBen Brezina, Assista03-26-13  11:08 am
Community Awareness Night May 18thLisa Huffman03-26-13  11:07 am
Trash escaping from dumpsterBen Brezina, Assista03-26-13  09:01 am
Builder requirements for concrete wash and cleanlinessBen Brezina, Assista03-26-13  08:59 am
What is being built?? Ben Brezina, Assista03-22-13  10:18 am
School plans with new apartments going in?Ben Brezina, Assista03-22-13  10:17 am
Solar Pool HeaterBen Brezina, Assista03-20-13  04:07 pm
Gas CooktopBen Brezina, Assista03-20-13  04:06 pm
Electrical outlet spacingBen Brezina, Assista03-18-13  11:40 am
4th Army between Lebanon and StonebrookBen Brezina, Assista03-11-13  10:41 am
What is being built on NE corner of Eldorado/DNT?Ben Brezina, Assista03-08-13  10:06 am
Cotton Gin from Guinn Gate to LegacyJoel Fitts, Senior T03-07-13  10:24 am
Frisco leash lawsGreg Carr, Code Enfo12 03-05-13  09:10 am
Public TransportationBen Brezina, Assista03-05-13  08:31 am
Frisco Commons spray ground developmentBen Brezina, Assista03-05-13  08:25 am
John Hickman Parkway Road constructionBen Brezina, Assista02-28-13  10:09 am
Water restrictionsBen Brezina, Assista02-28-13  09:12 am
Minimum tree requirementBen Brezina, Assista02-28-13  09:01 am
Hot Water Heater guidelines neededBen Brezina, Assista02-28-13  09:00 am
Home PermitsBen Brezina, Assista02-27-13  02:20 pm
Water issue/questionBen Brezina, Assista02-27-13  02:19 pm
Another Zone Change Request?Ben Brezina, Assista02-27-13  12:44 pm
What's being built North of ABT?Ben Brezina, Assista02-27-13  12:42 pm
Small shack that used to be on the corner of Eldorado and IndependenceBen Brezina, Assista02-26-13  09:09 am
NE corner of Teel & El DoradoBen Brezina, Assista02-25-13  10:17 am
Loud Motorcycles!John Bruce, Chief of02-20-13  03:15 pm
Hope ParkBen Brezina, Assista02-19-13  09:23 am
GeeseBen Brezina, Assista02-15-13  03:09 pm
Ice Cream TrucksRick Wieland, Dir. o02-12-13  10:10 am
Eldorado landscapingBen Brezina, Assista02-08-13  04:07 pm
What is being built on Lebanon just west of Centennial Medical Center?Ben Brezina, Assista02-05-13  08:48 am
Icy roadsBen Brezina, Assista02-04-13  06:30 pm
Intersection of Independence and 121Ben Brezina, Assista01-22-13  08:19 am
Commuter Train StationBen Brezina, Assista01-21-13  12:26 pm
Traffic Light at Sheffield Ln and Independence?Ben Brezina, Assista01-15-13  10:30 am
Kelmscott ThruwayBen Brezina, Assista01-15-13  09:42 am
Police TestingJohn Bruce12 01-14-13  02:05 pm
FM 423: Eldorado Pkwy to Sunland Park Dr.Ben Brezina, Assista01-10-13  09:50 am
Fingerprinting ServicesBen Brezina, Assista01-09-13  11:06 am
Holiday Season Ben Brezina, Assista01-09-13  10:15 am
Train hornBen Brezina, Assista01-09-13  10:12 am
Personal Property Tax on Leased VehiclesBen Brezina, Assista01-09-13  09:48 am
Storage LocationBen Brezina, Assista01-09-13  09:42 am
Hillcrest / Eldorado - next to 7-11Ben Brezina, Assista01-09-13  09:41 am
380 and 423 signal lightBen Brezina, Assista12-31-12  03:28 pm
Construction next to Kroger MarketcenterBen Brezina, Assista12-31-12  03:26 pm
What home builder at Rolater & HillcrestBen Brezina, Assista12-31-12  03:11 pm
Legacy/Lebanon and Westside MarketBen Brezina, Assista12-31-12  02:59 pm
New Construction - NW Corner of DNT & MainBen Brezina, Assista13 12-21-12  10:51 am
What is classified as an accessory buildingBen Brezina, Assista12-11-12  11:57 am
Grand Park changes?Ben Brezina, Assista12-11-12  11:56 am
Traffic Light on Legacy and Cotton GinBen Brezina, Assista11-29-12  03:39 pm
Trash on Commercial LotBen Brezina, Assista11-28-12  01:08 pm
Main Street & World Cup WayBen Brezina, Assista11-19-12  11:12 am
DNT & Main StreetBen Brezina, Assista11-19-12  10:30 am
Eldorado Update - b/w Hillcrest and IndependenceBen Brezina, Assista11-19-12  09:05 am
What's the status of Coit between Main and Eldorado?Ben Brezina, Assista11-19-12  09:05 am
Sidewalk ProjectsBen Brezina, Assista10 11-16-12  09:54 am
Independence / Eldorado Intersection ImprovementsBen Brezina, Assista29 11-13-12  09:48 am
What is being built north of Lebanon on Preston?Ben Brezina, Assista11-13-12  08:55 am
Scooters for kids, legal?Ben Brezina, Assista10 11-12-12  03:08 pm
Plans for area of Northwest corner of Main and Independence?Ben Brezina, Assista11-06-12  03:20 pm
NW Corner of DNT and Main StreetBen Brezina, Assista22 11-06-12  03:04 pm
New Construction - Preston, North of Wade BlvdBen Brezina, Assista10-19-12  03:06 pm
Operating antique tractor on public streets.Ben Brezina, Assista10-19-12  09:56 am
What is being built next to Del Taco on Preston?Ben Brezina, Assista10-16-12  12:52 pm
Flag Retirement CeremonyBen Brezina, Assista10-16-12  09:38 am
Stonebrook parkway expansion towards hoddencove parkJason Brodigan, Sr. 10-09-12  10:45 am
423 south and monthly construction reportJason Brodigan, Sr. 10-09-12  08:19 am
Lebanon/423Ben Brezina, Assista18 10-08-12  08:51 am
Tennis Center in FriscoRick Wieland, Dir. o09-27-12  03:24 pm
Street Signs - Missing or incorrectJoel Fitts, Senior T09-27-12  03:13 pm
Grand Park Update?Ben Brezina, Assista10 09-27-12  03:01 pm
What's being built?Ben Brezina, Assista09-27-12  02:43 pm
NE Corner of Main and LegacyBen Brezina, Assista09-27-12  02:43 pm
What's Being Built @ N/E Corner of Legacy & Main St?Frisco_res09-27-12  02:42 pm
Just wondering about the new construction on Legacy & MainBen Brezina, Assista09-27-12  02:41 pm
Unsightly Barrier at Grand Valley DriveJoel Fitts, Senior T09-24-12  01:40 pm
McAlisters DeliBen Brezina, Assista09-19-12  08:26 am
# of families allowed to live in a single family home and cars bein...Ben Brezina, Assista09-18-12  01:35 pm
NE corner of Eldorado/DNTBen Brezina, Assista09-18-12  10:48 am
Aerial sprayingBen Brezina, Assista09-12-12  02:34 pm
Gas Cooktop on Kitchen IslandBen Brezina, Assista09-12-12  11:14 am
El Dorado/Dallas North Tollway behind WhataburgerBen Brezina, Assista09-12-12  10:01 am
Recycling BagsBen Brezina, Assista09-12-12  09:59 am
Independence (Between Main & Eldorado)Ben Brezina, Assista09-12-12  09:30 am
Verizon FiosBen Brezina, Assista09-12-12  09:22 am
Why is the hockey rink being torn down?Ben Brezina, Assista09-04-12  08:47 am
New Library HoursBen Brezina, Assista14 08-28-12  04:29 pm
Fairways Green Park - grass Ben Brezina, Assista08-28-12  03:15 pm
Retention pond Teel pkwyBen Brezina, Assista08-28-12  03:05 pm
Frisco MarketCenter - new development?Ben Brezina, Assista08-24-12  09:27 am
Chapel Creek Subdivision StreetBen Brezina, Assista08-23-12  03:22 pm
Empty Building on Custer and EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista08-23-12  01:20 pm
Main and TeelBen Brezina, Assista08-23-12  10:37 am
Development by Main Event?Ben Brezina, Assista08-23-12  10:36 am
Cobb Farm / El oardo Village RezoningDarren Schager08-21-12  09:09 pm
Abandoned HouseBen Brezina, Assista08-15-12  09:23 am
Care/Mowing area on Longwood Street between Legacy and TollwayBen Brezina, Assista08-13-12  01:01 pm
Signal Light needed at Lenox Ln & Eldorado PkwyJoel Fitts, Senior T08-13-12  09:39 am
Smoking in Frisco SquareLinda Crossman08-10-12  03:46 pm
Who owns land Hutson Indst. and Preston Meadow HOAGeorge DelLopez08-10-12  03:44 pm
Frisco Square development plansBen Brezina, Assista08-10-12  03:42 pm
What is wrong with Frisco's water????Ben Brezina, Assista08-10-12  03:40 pm
New Restaurant/Store Replacing Terilli's behind Hooters?William Mitchell08-04-12  01:51 pm
Patio Cover RequirementsBen Brezina, Assista08-01-12  09:48 am
Retail at Coit/Main?Ben Brezina, Assista07-31-12  11:08 am
Rabbits, Coyotes, and BobcatsTodd Renshaw, Chief 07-24-12  09:05 am
Wood-boring beetlesBen Brezina, Assista07-23-12  02:31 pm
N/E Corner Eldorado/PrestonBen Brezina, Assista07-10-12  01:42 pm
What happened to pizza place at frisco square?Ben Brezina, Assista07-05-12  01:43 pm
Trees on RolatorBen Brezina, Assista07-02-12  09:18 am
What's being built next to the Braum's?Ben Brezina, Assista07-02-12  09:17 am
Light at Preston Vineyard and PrestonBen Brezina, Assista06-28-12  03:12 pm
Permit required for radiant barrier or insulation?Ben Brezina, Assista06-22-12  11:21 am
Residential property grading requirementsBen Brezina, Assista06-22-12  11:19 am
Permit for lemonade stand??Ben Brezina, Assista06-22-12  11:02 am
What's being built?Ben Brezina, Assista06-20-12  10:15 am
2 part "whats being built" questionBen Brezina, Assista06-20-12  10:12 am
Eldorodo/Preston IntersectionJason Brodigan, Sr. 06-19-12  09:09 am
Cici's Pizza @ Custer StarBen Brezina, Assista06-14-12  11:11 am
What is being built in the large field behind the Crown Ridge Subdi...Ben Brezina, Assista06-12-12  02:49 pm
Street lights on LegacyBen Brezina, Assista06-12-12  12:55 pm
Plans for Agricultural Land behind Highland Ridge @ Lone StarBen Brezina, Assista06-12-12  11:11 am
School between Newman Village and Knolls of FriscoBen Brezina, Assista06-12-12  10:55 am
QuestionBen Brezina, Assista06-12-12  10:54 am
New building/business?Ben Brezina, Assista06-01-12  10:00 am
423 and Main StBen Brezina, Assista05-31-12  12:04 pm
Median LandscapingBen Brezina, Assista05-30-12  01:48 pm
Unfinished Home on Rogers & FisherBen Brezina, Assista05-30-12  10:43 am
Home address incorrectly listed as businessBen Brezina, Assista05-30-12  10:39 am
Office CondosBen Brezina, Assista05-30-12  10:29 am
Businesses coming on new Walmart surrounding land parcels?Ben Brezina, Assista10 05-23-12  04:23 pm
What is being built?Ben Brezina, Assista05-23-12  03:45 pm
YMCA stoplight on Main StreetBen Brezina, Assista05-23-12  03:44 pm
Rules on bounce houses at parksBen Brezina, Assista05-23-12  03:04 pm
Eastbound Eldorado at DNT in the morningJoel Fitts, Senior T05-16-12  10:58 am
Intersection of Eldorado/DNTBen Brezina, Assista05-16-12  10:34 am
Eldorado and TeelBen Brezina, Assista05-15-12  02:02 pm
NW Corner of Eldorado & TealBen Brezina, Assista05-15-12  02:01 pm
How/Where to report being run off road?Ben Brezina, Assista05-09-12  02:54 pm
N E Corner of Eldorado and DNTBen Brezina, Assista05-09-12  02:49 pm
Construction work Panther Creek near 423Ben Brezina, Assista05-09-12  09:45 am
Flashing Yellow Turn SignalsChristopher Reemts05-09-12  09:40 am
Burying of phone and tv cablesBen Brezina, Assista05-09-12  08:51 am
Pizza Hut ParkBen Brezina, Assista10 05-09-12  08:42 am
Gun RangeBen Brezina, Assista05-07-12  11:39 am
SE Corner of Eldorado and Frisco StBen Brezina, Assista05-07-12  11:34 am
Noise Ordinance QuestionBen Brezina, Assista05-03-12  10:58 am
Any planned future widening of Main St.?Ben Brezina, Assista04-24-12  01:02 pm
Townhome DevelopmentsBen Brezina, Assista04-24-12  09:47 am
BF Philips ParkBen Brezina, Assista12 04-24-12  09:37 am
Zoning Change Request for Legacy CommonsBen Brezina, Assista04-24-12  09:30 am
Police ride-alongs allowed?Todd Renshaw, Chief 04-23-12  09:05 am
Baseball field useBen Brezina, Assista04-16-12  02:50 pm
Replace/Install TreesBen Brezina, Assista04-16-12  01:30 pm
Lake at Teel and High Shoals DrDeepali A04-03-12  04:05 pm
Street repair in alleyBen Brezina, Assista04-02-12  08:37 am
Independence between Main and Westridge RdBen Brezina, Assista03-27-12  03:54 pm
Newman Village development?Ben Brezina, Assista03-27-12  02:07 pm
Flag in front of Home DepotBen Brezina, Assista03-20-12  02:38 pm
List of HOA/subdivision yard Sales??Greg Carr, Code Enfo03-19-12  02:40 pm
Zoning Change on Preston North of Cain'sBen Brezina, Assista03-19-12  01:23 pm
Widening Coit Road (CIP10-0002) Main Street to Eldorado Parkway...Ben Brezina, Assista03-19-12  10:46 am
Non 911 emergency numbersTodd Renshaw, Chief 03-08-12  01:43 pm
When will Stage 3 water restrictions be relaxed?Ben Brezina, Assista03-07-12  08:54 am
DNT & Panther Creek IntersectionBen Brezina, Assista03-07-12  08:34 am
Restoration of the old Calaboose/Jail?Ben Brezina, Assista03-07-12  08:32 am
Traffic lanes on Preston @ MainJason Brodigan, Sr. 03-05-12  05:31 pm
Officer ComplaintTodd Renshaw, Chief 03-05-12  01:45 pm
Acceptable Backyard Fencing Material?Piaf03-05-12  12:22 pm
Traffic signal at Eldorado & DNTKevin McCartney02-17-12  09:28 am
Eldorado Lighting & Landscaping UpdatesBen Brezina, Assista02-16-12  01:28 pm
Water in Griffin Parc Green and Brown - SAFETY CONCERN?Ben Brezina, Assista02-08-12  09:23 am
Cotton Gin / DNT IntersectionBen Brezina, Assista02-07-12  10:07 am
Can Homeowners Assoc. regulate street parkingTodd Renshaw, Chief 02-07-12  07:06 am
Stage 3 Water RestrictionsBen Brezina, Assista02-03-12  11:59 am
Utility billingBen Brezina, Assista02-03-12  11:58 am
Noise ordinances for BusinessesBen Brezina, Assista01-30-12  03:28 pm
Village Lakes New PhaseCM01-25-12  12:33 pm
NE, NW and SE corners of Teel and EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista01-25-12  09:06 am
Nichols Elementary AccessJoel Fitts, Senior T01-16-12  04:28 pm
Turning Lanes off Preston onto Rolater & StonebrookRon Herman11 01-16-12  03:56 pm
Independence North of EldoradoBen Brezina, Assista01-09-12  01:48 pm
Panther Creek Parkway & Speed limit questionsJoel Fitts, Senior T01-05-12  11:49 pm
75033Ben Brezina, Assista01-04-12  04:21 pm
Construction NW Corner of Eldorado & HillcrestDaniel Ford12-20-11  08:54 am
Panther Creek Village developmentDaniel Ford12-01-11  09:57 am
Rolater and IndependenceDaniel Ford11-22-11  01:38 pm
What are they building?? Daniel Ford11-22-11  01:36 pm
Construction on Coit Daniel Ford11-22-11  01:33 pm
Traffic Flow Question at The Fairways' entranceDaniel Ford11-16-11  08:05 am
Legacy & LebanonJason Brodigan, Sr. 11-09-11  02:11 pm
Animal carcass disposalGreg Carr, Code Enfo11-01-11  04:07 pm
Ambulance ServicePaul_siebert11-01-11  03:21 pm
Concrete Structure at Main Street & 1st StreetTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-01-11  11:20 am
Lebanon and TeelDaniel Ford10-31-11  04:31 pm
Preston and Hwy 380 bridgeRon Bush10-31-11  12:50 pm
School Zone Boundary QuestionJoel Fitts, Senior T10-27-11  11:39 am
El Dorado Traffic Re-route (east of preston)Daniel Ford34 10-21-11  04:08 pm
Rush Hour: Turning from Eastbound Main to DNT Service RoadPaul Goode10-21-11  02:41 pm
121/Independence Cement PlantDaniel Ford10-18-11  10:09 am
Construction - NW corner Teel & MainDaniel Ford10-14-11  04:30 pm
Coit & EldoradoCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-10-11  03:58 pm
What is being built between Bledsoe Elem and Stonebrook?Daniel Ford10-10-11  10:04 am
Warren/Tollway ProjectCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-10-11  09:41 am
Philips Creek RanchDaniel Ford09-27-11  11:43 am
Section 8 housingDaniel Ford09-27-11  11:39 am
Intersection parkingTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-26-11  10:58 am
DNT Northbound service roadrichard09-23-11  10:38 am
Warren Park LakeDaniel Ford09-22-11  11:32 am
School ZoneTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-22-11  08:43 am
Frisco Dog ParkDaniel Ford09-12-11  02:03 pm
Tree Clippings Rick Wieland, Dir. o09-12-11  01:58 pm
Dr Pepper Stadium ConstructionDaniel Ford09-06-11  04:29 pm
Phillips Park Football FieldsDaniel Ford09-06-11  03:42 pm
Construction on TeelDaniel Ford09-06-11  10:36 am
Coit and WestridgeJoel Fitts, Senior T08-30-11  10:00 pm
Town & Country and Spring CreekJason Brodigan, Sr. 08-30-11  02:50 pm
Crescent Park "soccer field"Rick Wieland, Dir. o08-30-11  02:44 pm
Eldorado and Hillcrest Traffic LightDaniel Ford08-22-11  02:08 pm
StormwaterDaniel Ford08-22-11  12:50 pm
Golf CartsBill Milford10 08-20-11  08:23 pm
Street Parking for Business EmployeesSriram Iyer08-17-11  10:28 am
Parking on residential side streets?Todd Renshaw, Chief 08-16-11  11:33 am
Widening IndependenceJason Brodigan, Sr. 08-16-11  08:28 am
Stonebrook & Cotton GinDaniel Ford08-16-11  08:15 am
Northwest Community Park?Daniel Ford08-03-11  01:40 pm
Heavy Equipment/Digging @ Teel & EldoradoJason Brodigan, Sr. 08-03-11  01:27 pm
Trash on El Dorado and Main St. Daniel Ford07-20-11  03:06 pm
Major Construction on Independence South of RolaterDaniel Ford07-20-11  02:58 pm
Rosa's CafeDaniel Ford07-20-11  10:56 am
Construction between Dr Pepper Ballpark and ParkwoodDaniel Ford07-20-11  10:54 am
Westridge RdJason Brodigan, Sr. 07-20-11  08:07 am
US 380Jason Brodigan, Sr. 07-19-11  08:23 am
RV Parking Permit QuestionsAdam Henderson, Serg07-18-11  08:23 am
Frisco Branch LibraryDaniel Ford07-07-11  08:13 am
Road Widening on Preston north of Main St.Jason Brodigan, Sr. 14 07-06-11  04:27 pm
Southbound Legacy @ LakehillDaniel Ford07-06-11  03:12 pm
Rolater Widening by Liberty HighSchoolJason Brodigan, Sr. 18 07-06-11  08:36 am
Legacy & AllenDaniel Ford07-01-11  03:06 pm
Lighting and TreesDaniel Ford07-01-11  03:03 pm
East bound Lebanon & DNTDaniel Ford07-01-11  03:02 pm
Speed Limit & Posted Sign Question in FriscoDaniel Ford06-30-11  01:30 pm
Coit & Rolater zoning changeDaniel Ford06-29-11  04:45 pm
Construction at Gaylord and ParkwoodDaniel Ford06-29-11  04:11 pm
Crime ConcernsTodd Renshaw, Chief 06-21-11  04:35 pm
Preston and Hwy 380 over-passJason Brodigan, Sr. 06-21-11  08:32 am
Early morning timing of traffic light @ El Dorado & TeelDaniel Ford06-20-11  04:56 pm
Construction in former Albertson's buildingDaniel Ford06-20-11  02:51 pm
Tornado sirensPaul_siebert06-01-11  05:31 pm
Open Space plans in Frisco?Daniel Ford05-31-11  04:09 pm
Speed Limits on Neighborhood Side StreetsAdam Henderson, Serg05-27-11  10:36 am
Northeast Community Park ?Daniel Ford05-27-11  10:12 am
New BuildingDaniel Ford05-23-11  09:39 am
Stewart Creek / ExideDaniel Ford05-16-11  04:48 pm
Bicycles in the roadAdam Henderson, Serg05-09-11  09:06 am
Traffic rules at median by the Y (Main St)Joel Fitts, Senior T05-06-11  11:15 am
Construction near Teel and Little River Rd.Joel Fitts, Senior T04-26-11  10:53 am
Kyser and Main St. in front of YJoel Fitts, Senior T04-26-11  09:30 am
Quiet ZoneJoel Fitts, Senior T04-26-11  12:08 am
New Walmart on Preston roadDaniel Ford13 04-20-11  04:58 pm
Policing the police?Daniel Ford04-20-11  10:13 am
John ElliottDaniel Ford04-20-11  09:39 am
Ad taped on mailboxAdam Henderson, Serg04-18-11  09:48 am
ExideDaniel Ford04-14-11  08:16 am
Eubanks/Cotton GinDaniel Ford04-11-11  11:23 am
Teel and BlackstoneDaniel Ford04-11-11  10:54 am
Leaf Blowers After 11:30pmAdam Henderson, Serg04-06-11  01:09 pm
Residential building codeSteve Covington, Chi04-06-11  08:36 am
Main and Dallas ParkwayDaniel Ford03-30-11  04:48 pm
Irrigation/Sprinkler System RequirementsDaniel Ford03-30-11  04:40 pm
121/DNT Closures?Joel Fitts, Senior T03-30-11  03:52 pm
New Construction on Panther Creek ParkwayDaniel Ford03-30-11  03:34 pm
FM423 upgraderajgopal03-29-11  07:05 pm
New Builds on IndependenceDaniel Ford03-29-11  04:51 pm
Southbound Preston Turn Lane at EldoradoDaniel Ford03-28-11  04:09 pm
Eldorado/Coit school trafficJoel Fitts, Senior T03-24-11  01:34 pm
Bicycle LawsAdam Henderson, Serg03-24-11  11:37 am
Tollway JurisdictionTodd Renshaw, Chief 03-17-11  11:18 am
Main Street Lighting Between Teel & LegacyDaniel Ford03-14-11  12:29 pm
CERTDaniel Ford03-14-11  11:55 am
City Recommended/Expected Water PressureSteve Covington, Chi03-08-11  09:48 am
Legacy/121Jason Brodigan, Sr. 03-07-11  11:39 am
Clean up of salt/sand mixture put down during last ice stormDaniel Ford03-04-11  11:09 am
Frisco Freedom Fest 2011Daniel Ford03-04-11  09:30 am
Frisco Fire Station Number 6Paul_siebert02-14-11  09:19 am
Status of athletic park at Panther Creek / Honey Grove DrDaniel Ford02-09-11  02:28 pm
Trash PickupDaniel Ford02-09-11  11:28 am
Legacy/Lebanon unevenJason Brodigan, Sr. 14 02-01-11  08:14 am
Dog parkDaniel Ford01-28-11  08:19 am
121 and Independence updateDaniel Ford01-27-11  04:55 pm
Obstuction of view at Legacy and Stonebrook PkwyMP01-21-11  08:47 am
Hunting ammunitionRon Bush01-14-11  08:23 am
Joggers on Panther creek east of 423Adam Henderson, Serg12-20-10  09:03 am
ATF Form 4 NFA Class 3 PurchasesTodd Renshaw, Chief 12-13-10  10:05 am
Verizon Fios / AT&T UverseBen Brezina, Assista12-06-10  10:11 am
School Zones on Eldorado, between Greyhawk & DNTAdam Henderson, Serg11-18-10  10:54 am
Frisco building exterior materialBen Brezina, Assista11-17-10  03:22 pm
Legacy/MainBen Brezina, Assista11-16-10  07:20 pm
DanceBen Brezina, Assista11-16-10  07:14 pm
Specifications for front doorsSteve Covington, Chi11-16-10  04:06 pm
PODSGreg Carr, Code Enfo11-10-10  02:06 pm
Low Income Housing Update RequestBen Brezina, Assista11-05-10  02:21 pm
Stonebrook/Babbling Brook-Pearson FarmsBen Brezina, Assista11-05-10  02:18 pm
Residental Land Purchase QuestionsBen Brezina, Assista11-04-10  01:42 pm
Confusing yield signs at DNT/ Panther Creek (northbound)Joel Fitts, Senior T11-04-10  11:04 am
Southern Terminus of TeelJoel Fitts, Senior T11-04-10  10:27 am
Shredded paper recycling?Ben Brezina, Assista11-04-10  09:05 am
Ground Slope Repair/StarwoodBen Brezina, Assista11-04-10  08:57 am
What is the racial breakdown on police traffic stops?Ben Brezina, Assista11-04-10  08:50 am
Ethanol 85Adam Henderson, Serg10-29-10  04:00 pm
Frisco City Website Loading SlowBen Brezina, Assista10-28-10  09:10 am
Street Lights on LebanonBen Brezina, Assista10-28-10  09:08 am
Park Development Status, Grand and CottonwoodBen Brezina, Assista10-27-10  03:07 pm
Studio plans $1B Frisco projectBen Brezina, Assista10-20-10  11:34 am
Halloween "Trick or Treating" 2010Daniel Ford10-20-10  08:53 am
Dying / Dead Trees and BushesBen Brezina, Assista10-15-10  07:18 am
Lebanon / Legacy IntersectionJason Brodigan, Sr. 10-11-10  04:32 pm
Any update to the proposed development at SE corner of FM 423 and L...Ben Brezina, Assista10-11-10  03:52 pm
What to do with Dry Cleaner hangers?Ben Brezina, Assista10-11-10  03:48 pm
Legacy/121Jason Brodigan, Sr. 10-11-10  02:09 pm
Tree RemovalJason Brodigan, Sr. 10-11-10  02:05 pm
Former Albertsons @ Legacy and LebanonBen Brezina, Assista10-11-10  09:52 am
Ag Exemption in FriscoBen Brezina, Assista10-11-10  09:50 am
EB Eldorado @ PrestonJoel Fitts, Senior T10-07-10  12:01 am
Main street closing for repairsJoel Fitts, Senior T10-06-10  05:10 pm
No traffic signal at Warren Sports Complex / Eldorado?Daniel Ford10-05-10  04:11 pm
Allen Elementary on LegacyDaniel Ford10-05-10  04:09 pm
Coit and Eldorado trafficJoel Fitts, Senior T09-29-10  04:19 pm
Stun GunsAdam Henderson, Serg09-29-10  09:02 am
Alarm Program feeTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-23-10  07:20 am
Lots surrounding Main EventBen Brezina, Assista09-20-10  04:00 pm
What is going in at the old Tijuana Grill location?Ben Brezina, Assista09-16-10  02:12 pm
Warren Sports Parking on Residential StreetsCory Martin09-16-10  08:46 am
Early Warning SystemPaul_siebert09-15-10  04:57 pm
School Zone on Teel near OverhillBen Brezina, Assista09-15-10  02:10 pm
Police Officers on LaptopsAdam Henderson, Serg09-15-10  10:05 am
High schoolers parking in front of our houseAdam Henderson, Serg09-15-10  10:00 am
Cotton Gin and Dallas ParkwayJoel Fitts, Senior T09-09-10  06:21 pm
Teel - any updates on connection to 380?Jason Brodigan, Sr. 09-09-10  01:53 pm
Coit and Main Street IntersectionDaniel Ford09-07-10  09:12 am
Traffic Light at Gaylord and ParkwoodDaniel Ford09-07-10  09:10 am
Speed limits on Main Street between Preston and CusterDaniel Ford09-03-10  03:05 pm
Dove Hunting RegulationsTodd Renshaw, Chief 11 09-03-10  11:35 am
Traffic signs on private propertyTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-02-10  02:42 pm
Earliest start time for mowing on the weekend?Todd Renshaw, Chief 08-31-10  09:53 am
What lead air monitoring has the city been involved with?Ben Brezina, Assista08-25-10  02:51 pm
Completion of Hillcrest & Rasor Blvd at Hwy 121Daniel Ford08-25-10  02:40 pm
Dogs without LeashGreg Carr, Code Enfo08-25-10  02:15 pm
Eldorado and Preston (East Side)Joel Fitts, Senior T26 08-24-10  05:04 pm
US380 and FM423Daniel Ford08-24-10  03:15 pm
121 service rd speed limitJoel Fitts, Senior T08-23-10  06:42 pm
Catering trucksRick Wieland, Dir. o08-23-10  05:12 pm
Preston Rd utility polesJason Brodigan, Sr. 08-23-10  02:47 pm
Tree limbs due to Storm - Difficult to disposeBen Brezina, Assista08-23-10  02:29 pm
Children Playing SignsBen Brezina, Assista08-23-10  10:33 am
Southwest Corner of Legacy & MainBen Brezina, Assista08-23-10  10:29 am
Neighborhood WatchTodd Renshaw, Chief 08-17-10  07:22 am
Early Morning NoiseTodd Renshaw, Chief 08-17-10  07:11 am
New BusinessesDaniel Ford10 08-06-10  04:20 pm
Damaged RoadDaniel Ford08-03-10  08:31 am
Starwood/Legacy LandslideDaniel Ford11 07-30-10  08:20 am
Construction behind CTEDaniel Ford07-27-10  09:15 am
Sidewalks on ElDoradoJason Brodigan, Sr. 07-27-10  08:40 am
Police and City VehiclesTodd Renshaw, Chief 07-23-10  07:58 am
Road changesJoel Fitts, Senior T07-22-10  09:09 am
423 TreesJason Brodigan, Sr. 07-22-10  08:43 am
Building Permit Summary Report?Joel Fitts, Senior T07-21-10  05:06 pm
Is it legal to video the police?Todd Renshaw, Chief 07-21-10  04:21 pm
Youth CenterDaniel Ford07-21-10  03:53 pm
Building code for Roof PitchSteve Covington, Chi07-20-10  04:10 pm
Youth Center ParkDaniel Ford07-20-10  03:49 pm
Are we getting a new Braum's (Teel/Main)?Daniel Ford07-20-10  01:44 pm
Legacy and Eldorado - Bahama Bucks?Daniel Ford07-20-10  01:38 pm
In N Out BurgerDaniel Ford07-20-10  11:26 am
Legacy Median LandscapingDaniel Ford07-20-10  10:54 am
Sno Cone Lady Parking LotDaniel Ford07-20-10  10:46 am
30.06 Signs at Frisco City HallTodd Renshaw, Chief 07-19-10  04:49 pm
Mall at 380 & DNTBen Brezina, Assista07-19-10  01:42 pm
Bicyclists on city streetsJoel Fitts, Senior T07-16-10  04:54 pm
Rolater & PrestonRon Herman07-14-10  04:19 pm
Concreting BackyardDaniel Ford07-14-10  02:17 pm
Lebanon Street SignsJoel Fitts, Senior T07-13-10  05:15 pm
Dairy QueenDaniel Ford07-13-10  08:48 am
Right-Turn Lane on Northbound Teel at EldoradoJoel Fitts, Senior T07-12-10  04:59 pm
Lebanon Speed Limit - revisitedJoel Fitts, Senior T07-12-10  02:52 pm
Frisco Water Wise FlagsGary Hartwell, Direc07-12-10  10:15 am
Exposed CableBen Brezina, Assista07-07-10  08:08 pm
Median in front of Stewart Creek EstatesRick Wieland, Dir. o07-07-10  02:28 pm
CurfewAdam Henderson, Serg07-07-10  09:54 am
35 MPH Zone in Front of Griffin Middle on EldoradoAdam Henderson, Serg07-02-10  01:30 pm
Eldorado and HillcrestBen Brezina, Assista14 07-02-10  10:42 am
City of Frisco BondsBen Brezina, Assista06-28-10  01:14 pm
Private pool gate requirementsFrisco, Texas06-28-10  01:10 pm
Utility poles along roadside on Eldorado?Ben Brezina, Assista06-28-10  01:07 pm
Walt Disney PropertyBen Brezina, Assista06-28-10  11:40 am
NE Corner of 121 and IndependenceBen Brezina, Assista06-28-10  11:21 am
Gray Water StatusGary Hartwell, Direc06-22-10  10:16 am
Throwing away old fence once new one is builtBen Brezina, Assista06-21-10  04:29 pm
National Night Out 2010Adam Henderson, Serg06-21-10  10:43 am
Bi Centennial Spray Park CompletionBen Brezina, Assista06-15-10  09:18 am
Intersections of Panther Creek/Mockingbird and PrestonJason Brodigan, Sr. 06-09-10  05:14 pm
BF Phillips Park - alternate question 3Ben Brezina, Assista06-09-10  08:45 am
PanhandlingTodd Renshaw, Chief 06-08-10  04:27 pm
Trees at BF Phillips ParkBen Brezina, Assista06-08-10  11:57 am
New Frisco Population Signs?Joel Fitts, Senior T06-08-10  11:31 am
New Construction on Preston, North of WarrenBen Brezina, Assista06-08-10  10:01 am
Water tastes differentGary Hartwell, Direc06-08-10  08:51 am
Stonebrook from Teel to FM 423Ben Brezina, Assista10 06-07-10  03:25 pm
Low Income HousingBen Brezina, Assista21 06-07-10  02:47 pm
Construction near Spring Creek BarbecueDaniel Ford06-04-10  04:30 pm
Studio Movie GrillDaniel Ford10 06-04-10  04:27 pm
NE corner of Hillcrest/121Ben Brezina, Assista06-04-10  03:21 pm
New Construction Near SchlotskysBen Brezina, Assista06-04-10  03:17 pm
Sprinkler and drip lines installationWho am I05-26-10  05:00 pm
Trees towering over backyards N/E corner of 121 and HillcrestGreg Carr, Code Enfo05-20-10  09:30 am
Panther Creek repairs b/w Teel & 423?Perry Harts, Moderat05-17-10  03:45 pm
Exide-Formal Lead Study?Perry Harts, Moderat05-17-10  10:43 am
ElDorado between DNT & PrestonJason Brodigan, Sr. 05-17-10  09:52 am
Intersection Laws in Texas?Adam Henderson, Serg05-17-10  08:36 am
Slope Failures Starwood and Cheyenne VillagePerry Harts, Moderat05-14-10  03:24 pm
Cinemark at Frisco SquarePerry Harts, Moderat05-14-10  08:41 am
Youth Fundraiser Permit?Adam Henderson, Serg05-13-10  08:54 am
Mowing Schedule for Eldorado between DNT & 423Perry Harts, Moderat05-11-10  02:08 pm
No Solicitation signsAdam Henderson, Serg05-10-10  01:33 pm
Car Seat Installation in FriscoAdam Henderson, Serg05-10-10  01:21 pm
Pine Trees on LebanonPerry Harts, Moderat05-05-10  04:56 pm
RV parking restrictionsGreg Carr, Code Enfo05-05-10  04:21 pm
Replacing dead trees at Beaver Bend Park K. Meade05-05-10  08:44 am
Artificial flowersGreg Carr, Code Enfo05-03-10  09:03 am
Stonebrook Parkway Extensionbridgett forge04-29-10  02:19 pm
Watering restrictionsGary Hartwell, Direc04-29-10  10:48 am
What is a "big box retail building"? Perry Harts, Moderat04-22-10  03:22 pm
Excessive political signsGreg Carr, Code Enfo04-16-10  10:07 am
Zoning corner Teel & ElDoradoPerry Harts, Moderat04-15-10  08:36 am
Draining/Filling PoolPerry Harts, Moderat04-13-10  11:17 am
Access to trail-head in Stewart Creek Park?Elizabeth Metting, C04-13-10  10:44 am
Curbs/sidewalks in my neighborhoodJason Brodigan, Sr. 04-08-10  12:05 pm
Do you stop for a school bus on the opposite side of a divided road? Todd Renshaw, Chief 04-08-10  08:46 am
Cotton Gin & Stonebrook IntersectionPerry Harts, Moderat04-07-10  09:02 am
Door-to-door solicitorsAdam Henderson, Serg04-07-10  08:04 am
Frisco Commons vandalism/security?Rick Wieland, Dir. o04-05-10  05:28 pm
College Parkway Trail Green beltPerry Harts, Moderat04-02-10  03:53 pm
Teel construction north of EldoradoJason Brodigan, Sr. 04-01-10  10:34 am
City Park North of Stonebrook and West of DNTK. Meade03-30-10  03:40 pm
Phillips Creek Ranch Update?Scott Ingalls, Zonin03-30-10  10:14 am
Underpass connecting Colony to Spring Creek?Jason Brodigan, Sr. 03-25-10  06:15 pm
Fireplace SurroundSteve Covington, Chi03-23-10  04:40 pm
Does Frisco no longer have indoor football?Perry Harts, Moderat03-22-10  09:46 am
TREE PLANTING ON CORNER LOT WITH EASMENTPerry Harts, Moderat03-19-10  02:21 pm
Trees??Judith D'Addario03-18-10  01:49 pm
Whole foods/Central MarketScott Ingalls, Zonin03-16-10  03:24 pm
Whole Foods/Central Market 2006Brian C03-16-10  11:08 am
Locating Survey Pins/StakesPerry Harts, Moderat03-16-10  10:43 am
Eldorado/North Dallas TollwayPerry Harts, Moderat03-15-10  02:06 pm
Water in instersectionGary Hartwell, Direc03-10-10  07:28 am
Sara's Secret - Glad Your HereScott Ingalls, Zonin03-04-10  12:04 pm
Main Street from 423 to Dallas North TollwayElizabeth Metting, C03-01-10  10:08 am
Residential Building Code; Attic AccessPerry Harts, Moderat03-01-10  08:53 am
CoitGary Hartwell, Direc02-25-10  03:44 pm
Stone on columnPerry Harts, Moderat02-18-10  05:10 pm
In-N-Out BurgerScott Ingalls, Zonin02-17-10  03:19 pm
Panther Creek Parkway & Honey GrooveScott Ingalls, Zonin02-17-10  03:15 pm
Tollway/121 FlyoversPerry Harts, Moderat02-15-10  07:13 am
New Alarm OrdinanceAdam Henderson, Serg02-08-10  01:15 pm
Traffic Light at Coit and RolaterPerry Harts, Moderat02-03-10  05:24 pm
Lighting on Lebanon RdJoel Fitts, Senior T01-31-10  10:56 pm
Great Wall Super BuffetPerry Harts, Moderat01-26-10  02:39 pm
Preston Rd detourJason Brodigan, Sr. 01-26-10  08:15 am
Fisher Rd & Preston RdJason Brodigan, Sr. 01-26-10  08:10 am
Old Tres Meridas building on west side of Preston, south of WadeScott Ingalls, Zonin01-25-10  04:03 pm
New Kroger Marketplace in FriscoScott Ingalls, Zonin01-21-10  11:33 am
Street light outPerry Harts, Moderat01-20-10  08:23 am
Backyard hensGreg Carr, Code Enfo01-19-10  03:41 pm
Lebanon/HillcrestJoel Fitts, Senior T01-08-10  05:24 pm
Abandoned railroad lines?Maximus01-07-10  06:27 pm
Traffic Signal QuestionsJoel Fitts, Senior T01-06-10  05:34 pm
Construction at Stonebrook & AnthemPerry Harts, Moderat12-29-09  11:13 am
Median work on Teel, South of Panther Creek, North of EldoradoJason Brodigan, Sr. 12-23-09  01:23 pm
Westridge Blvd and Custer RdJoel Fitts, Senior T12-21-09  06:16 pm
Cutting down treesPerry Harts, Moderat12-15-09  10:49 am
Eldorado Town Center Scott Ingalls, Zonin12-09-09  11:46 am
Rockhill Road (west of Preston)Perry Harts, Moderat12-08-09  02:49 pm
18 Wheeler Car Haulers parking on CoitAdam Henderson, Serg12-07-09  03:34 pm
No Right Turn Light on EB GaylordJoel Fitts, Senior T12-07-09  10:27 am
Banning cellphone use in Frisco school zonesTodd Renshaw, Chief 12-02-09  03:09 pm
Frisco lead smelterPerry Harts, Moderat11-20-09  01:24 pm
Shed placementPerry Harts, Moderat11-20-09  08:24 am
Stake signsGreg Carr, Code Enfo11-20-09  07:53 am
Park RenovationsPerry Harts, Moderat11-18-09  02:52 pm
Panther Creek and Tollway AccidentsJoel Fitts, Senior T11-16-09  06:03 pm
Driving with petsPerry Harts, Moderat11-12-09  04:39 pm
Is DART coming to Frisco anytime soon?Perry Harts, Moderat11-11-09  07:53 am
Eldorado and Teel IntersectionElizabeth Metting, C11-10-09  10:17 pm
Flood Zone changesPerry Harts, Moderat11-10-09  04:39 pm
Residential Building Permit ClarificationSteve Covington, Chi11-10-09  04:13 pm
CCCC Preston Ridge ConstructionSteve Covington, Chi11-10-09  04:07 pm
Bees and trash at the Bacchus Park playgroundPerry Harts, Moderat11-10-09  03:42 pm
Zoning Custer and 121Scott Ingalls, Zonin11-09-09  04:12 pm
Traffic control on Custer north of 121 - TargetA Conaway11-07-09  06:49 pm
How do I get a street light on my street?Perry Harts, Moderat10-29-09  05:13 pm
Scoreboards at Warren Sports ParkPerry Harts, Moderat10-26-09  11:11 am
Service Vehicles in Fire LanesTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-21-09  04:02 pm
Golf CartsTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-20-09  05:05 pm
New Construction on Main/Legacy Scott Ingalls, Zonin10-19-09  02:52 pm
Ant Piles in ParksCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-19-09  02:20 pm
How to cut off water at street?Gary Hartwell, Direc10-19-09  02:06 pm
Church signsGreg Carr, Code Enfo10-19-09  02:00 pm
Water restrictionsGary Hartwell, Direc10-19-09  10:46 am
Tom Thumb @ 423 and LebanonScott Ingalls, Zonin10-16-09  04:09 pm
Panther Creek ParksPerry Harts, Moderat10-15-09  02:47 pm
Citizens on PatrolPerry Harts, Moderat10-14-09  04:18 pm
Divided RoadwaysTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-13-09  02:40 pm
Vehicles stopping in median waiting.... Perry Harts, Moderat10-13-09  01:37 pm
Lit Hike and Bike TrailsRick Wieland, Dir. o10-13-09  01:35 pm
Construction Town & CountryScott Ingalls, Zonin10-13-09  10:07 am
Fire HydrantsGary Hartwell, Direc10-13-09  09:34 am
Update on Wal-Mart off PrestonScott Ingalls, Zonin10-12-09  10:53 am
New monthly storm water feePerry Harts, Moderat09-28-09  11:30 am
Exide Plant EmissionsPerry Harts, Moderat09-23-09  08:41 pm
Internally Lit Street Name SignsPerry Harts, Moderat09-23-09  10:05 am
Hillcrest and Preston Vineyards Dr. IntersectionJoel Fitts, Senior T09-14-09  10:44 am
College Parkway TrailPerry Harts, Moderat23 09-14-09  10:03 am
Interest in City Park being builtPerry Harts, Moderat09-14-09  09:10 am
Hickory and the new WalmartJoel Fitts, Senior T09-10-09  10:18 pm
Preston / Mockingbird Ln constructionJason Brodigan, Sr. 09-10-09  11:15 am
No turn lane @ Eldorado and Rio Grande Dr.Joel Fitts, Senior T09-09-09  04:48 pm
Blocking of sidewalksPerry Harts, Moderat09-08-09  10:27 am
Traffic backup on residential streetJoel Fitts, Senior T09-04-09  11:10 am
What else is planned for Frisco Commons?Perry Harts, Moderat09-03-09  04:48 pm
La Cima/Hillcrest connection?Scott Ingalls, Zonin08-31-09  11:02 am
John Hickman Blvd - Parkwood to DNTScott Ingalls, Zonin08-31-09  10:57 am
What happened to Office Depot @ Eldorado/Tollway?Scott Ingalls, Zonin08-28-09  09:27 am
July water bill for Frisco ResidentsPerry Harts, Moderat08-27-09  03:25 pm
Golf Carts on Residential Streets/SidewalksTodd Renshaw, Chief 08-27-09  08:52 am
New "Bike Routes"Joel Fitts, Senior T08-26-09  05:08 pm
Zoning Distric ClarificationScott Ingalls, Zonin08-18-09  04:41 pm
Disposing of CFLsPerry Harts, Moderat08-17-09  09:10 am
Northwest corner of Custer and 121Scott Ingalls, Zonin08-14-09  10:43 am
NW Corner Custer/121Erin Stephenson08-14-09  08:49 am
Dog Park in Frisco?Perry Harts, Moderat26 08-10-09  05:00 pm
9339 Legacy Dr.Scott Ingalls, Zonin08-10-09  12:22 pm
Rolater treesJoel Fitts, Senior T08-05-09  05:11 pm
Seat Belts or magnetic pants?Todd Renshaw, Chief 08-04-09  08:10 am
Watering at Preston Ridge ParkEvin Philbrick08-03-09  02:52 pm
Don't Mess With Texas - Report a Litterer programTodd Renshaw, Chief 07-23-09  01:32 pm
Tank-less Water HeaterSteve Covington, Chi07-22-09  04:06 pm
Car Seat Safety CheckTodd Renshaw, Chief 07-21-09  08:16 am
Lighted Park near Coit and Panther Creek Rick Wieland, Dir. o07-16-09  01:34 pm
New Street SignsJoel Fitts, Senior T07-16-09  12:00 am
Preston / Wade Traffic SignalsJoel Fitts, Senior T07-15-09  11:42 pm
Gaylord / Preston Right TurnJoel Fitts, Senior T07-15-09  11:20 pm
Vibrating pipesSteve Covington, Chi07-15-09  05:27 pm
Two New Bldgs on Legacy between Main & EldoradoScott Ingalls, Zonin07-15-09  02:30 pm
Beaver Bend Park TrailRick Wieland, Dir. o16 07-14-09  12:59 pm
Reclaimed waterGary Hartwell, Direc07-13-09  01:18 pm
New watering system on Lebanon medianGary Hartwell, Direc07-13-09  01:18 pm
Water Resources for Frisco's FutureGary Hartwell, Direc07-07-09  03:23 pm
Low Water PressureChristopher Reemts07-07-09  02:41 pm
Dirt work next to Pink Elementary Steve Covington, Chi07-07-09  11:11 am
Ignoring Town SirensChristopher Reemts07-07-09  11:05 am
Mystery Road at Eldorado / BNSFGary Hartwell, Direc07-06-09  02:45 pm
New Traffic Signals on EldoradoJoel Fitts, Senior T07-02-09  11:34 am
Hillcrest and Lebanon IntersectionPerry Harts, Moderat07-02-09  08:11 am
Old Bennigan's building on PrestonSteve Covington, Chi07-02-09  08:11 am
Traffic Signal PlacementsPerry Harts, Moderat07-01-09  08:46 am
Ohio constructionJoel Fitts, Senior T06-25-09  09:44 am
School zones during summerJoel Fitts, Senior T06-25-09  09:18 am
Dogs Left In Car On Hot DaysGreg Carr, Code Enfo06-24-09  04:57 pm
Right turn lane off Hillcrest onto Rolater to go WestJoel Fitts, Senior T06-24-09  08:51 am
Irrigation check up / InspectionPerry Harts, Moderat06-23-09  01:35 pm
Rockhill or Virginia?Ron Bush06-23-09  11:05 am
Helicopter landing around independence and eldorado pkwyTodd Renshaw, Chief 06-22-09  10:40 am
Lights in Tuscany Meadows ParkPerry Harts, Moderat06-22-09  08:44 am
Old Albertson's on PrestonScott Ingalls, Zonin06-19-09  10:16 am
Red Light CamerasRon Bush06-19-09  09:02 am
Large tv disposalPippa Couvillion, En06-18-09  10:01 am
Does Frisco have a Reserve Police program?Todd Renshaw, Chief 06-15-09  04:11 pm
Schedule for Legacy & El Dorado intersectionJason Brodigan, Sr. 06-15-09  12:01 pm
Public Safety During Severe WeatherPaul_siebert06-15-09  09:15 am
Back yard mowing?Greg Carr, Code Enfo06-15-09  08:35 am
Storm DebrisPerry Harts, Moderat06-11-09  10:16 pm
Cresent park in griffin parkCorey Smith06-11-09  07:22 am
Repeatedly Noisy NeighborsTodd Renshaw, Chief 06-08-09  07:51 am
Panther Creek - Preston to DNTElizabeth Metting, C06-04-09  01:21 pm
Eldorado Expansion - East of DNTJason Brodigan, Sr. 27 06-04-09  11:35 am
Any City codes against building stairs in my garage?Steve Covington, Chi06-02-09  05:45 pm
Arc Fault Circuit code?Perry Harts, Moderat06-02-09  01:33 pm
Hike & Bike TrailsPerry Harts, Moderat06-01-09  04:16 pm
New building on Legendary Dr. (near Lebanon)Scott Ingalls, Zonin06-01-09  10:17 am
121 at DNT and CoitJoel Fitts, Senior T05-29-09  03:01 pm
Paper ShreddingPippa Couvillion, En05-26-09  11:02 am
SmokePaul_siebert05-22-09  01:56 pm
Right Turn Lane at Legacy & 121Joel Fitts, Senior T05-21-09  09:31 am
Watering PlanLibR05-15-09  07:58 pm
Trailers parked on streetsTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-13-09  07:02 am
Twin PeaksAnita05-12-09  07:04 pm
Helicopter flying early morning 05/02 around 3:00 AMTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-11-09  10:57 am
High grassGreg Carr, Code Enfo05-08-09  11:09 am
Denton County Appraisals - how do these guys get into office?Perry Harts, Moderat05-08-09  10:01 am
Neighborhood speedingTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-05-09  08:25 am
PM Rush Light Timing at Legacy and LebanonJoel Fitts, Senior T05-04-09  11:02 pm
Recycling - cleaners bags?Matthew Jackson05-04-09  12:57 pm
Light at Eldorado and TeelRobert Sayne04-29-09  10:31 am
Frisco Police CarsTodd Renshaw, Chief 04-28-09  03:47 pm
Right turn lane - SW corner of DNT and MainJoel Fitts, Senior T04-28-09  12:27 am
Turn lanes at Tollway & Panther CreekJoel Fitts, Senior T04-27-09  10:48 pm
Hottub or Spa RestrictionsRobert Sayne04-25-09  10:50 am
Balloon Permits in FriscoSteve Covington, Chi04-25-09  10:46 am
Excessive political signsRobert Sayne04-25-09  10:41 am
Balloon Rides?lauren stark04-23-09  04:22 pm
Noise walls for commercial zonesScott Ingalls, Zonin04-23-09  01:13 pm
Homebuilder Bond Insurance?Steve Covington, Chi04-22-09  05:00 pm
Stonebrook Pkwy Extension Elizabeth Metting, C04-21-09  10:15 pm
Main St expansion to 3 lanesElizabeth Metting, C04-21-09  09:55 pm
Street Lights on Teel - South of LebanonCurt Balogh, Spec. A04-21-09  07:48 am
Eldorado Medians Weeds/DamageCurt Balogh, Spec. A04-21-09  07:44 am
Street Lights on RolaterBrian Moen, Asst. Di04-20-09  09:31 pm
City Grants/Support for NeighborhoodsCurt Balogh, Spec. A04-20-09  04:31 pm
Health Regulations - MeatJulie Stallcup, Heal04-20-09  09:27 am
Garage Sale Permit?Greg Carr, Code Enfo04-20-09  08:14 am
Storm SirensPaul_siebert04-14-09  02:45 pm
Best way to keep up-to-date on Eldorado Market Place additions?Scott Ingalls, Zonin04-13-09  10:18 am
Pond fencing requirements in FriscGreg Carr, Code Enfo04-13-09  08:33 am
Connect sidewalkJason Brodigan, Sr. 04-09-09  08:13 am
N.E. Corner of Main Street and Dallas ParkwayScott Ingalls, Zonin04-08-09  01:13 pm
Frisco Uses Telephone Poles?Curt Balogh, Spec. A10 04-07-09  06:00 pm
Recycling in FriscoCurt Balogh, Spec. A04-07-09  05:11 pm
Bicyclists on Legacy?Curt Balogh, Spec. A10 04-07-09  03:17 pm
Frisco restaurant inspection grades.... to be posted at door?Julie Stallcup, Heal04-06-09  04:40 pm
Free Compost DateRobert Rose04-06-09  09:32 am
Yard waste pickupJennifer Parker04-06-09  08:59 am
All Stars StreetJoel Fitts, Senior T04-02-09  04:48 pm
Rolator Water Line construction repairCurt Balogh, Spec. A04-02-09  08:40 am
Speed Limit on Lebanon RoadJoel Fitts, Senior T04-01-09  09:02 pm
AsbuiltsSteve Covington, Chi04-01-09  04:44 pm
Outdoor Fire PlaceSteve Covington, Chi04-01-09  04:37 pm
Water ConservationGary Hartwell, Direc03-31-09  09:13 am
Fire Training Center UpdateIvan Feng03-30-09  09:33 pm
Vehicle window tintTodd Renshaw, Chief 03-26-09  05:00 pm
Frisco Logo ShirtsCurt Balogh, Spec. A03-26-09  04:00 pm
Red Light Camera EnforcementTodd Renshaw, Chief 58 03-26-09  08:11 am
Street sign at Rolater and Cinnabar Joel Fitts, Senior T03-25-09  10:59 pm
Broken irrigation control valveCurt Balogh, Spec. A03-25-09  01:28 pm
HELP NEEDED. How to STOP PERSONAL PROPERTY Taxes on LEASED Vehicles...Curt Balogh, Spec. A03-23-09  03:03 pm
Left Turn Lane (Teel & Main)Tracy Serio15 03-23-09  09:27 am
Water Heater ReplacementJim Engelskirchen03-18-09  05:18 pm
Gravel Walking Track on Ohio StreetRick Wieland, Dir. o03-18-09  04:50 pm
Gates on Fourth Army RoadPerry Harts, Moderat03-17-09  10:13 pm
10 or more buses driving down residential road Curt Balogh, Spec. A03-17-09  09:00 am
Field behind Stonebrook EstatesKell Kisrow03-17-09  08:59 am
Number of DogsGreg Carr, Code Enfo03-16-09  03:14 pm
Annexation questionScott Ingalls, Zonin03-16-09  02:02 pm
Legacy or TeelPerry Harts, Moderat03-12-09  09:32 am
Main St and FM 423Joel Fitts, Senior T03-11-09  10:43 am
Sidewalk on Lebanon Rd at Lebanon Ridge ApartmentsJason Brodigan, Sr. 03-10-09  04:45 pm
Community No Solicitation signsTodd Renshaw, Chief 03-10-09  11:04 am
Can anything be done to stop delivery of trash?Todd Renshaw, Chief 03-09-09  10:02 am
Tree PlantingScott Ingalls, Zonin03-06-09  09:27 am
Perimeter Walls on Hillcrest and RolaterScott Ingalls, Zonin03-04-09  11:25 am
Video on DemandDana Baird, Dir. of 02-27-09  02:06 pm
Heritage High School Sidewalks 02-20-09  01:30 pm
How do i turn off my waterPerry Harts, Moderat02-16-09  01:30 pm
Emegency notification systemRyan Wolford, Divisi02-16-09  10:47 am
Roof ReplacementSteve Covington, Chi02-13-09  04:51 pm
Solar PanelsPerry Harts, Moderat02-11-09  02:08 pm
Landscaping upkeep Edorado and RanchviewPerry Harts, Moderat02-10-09  09:04 am
El Dorado side walksElizabeth Metting, C02-04-09  05:02 pm
A few questions about Stonebrook PKWY between 423 and RoseChristopher Reemts01-30-09  04:04 pm
Weather station located at Warren Park...Rick Wieland, Dir. o01-29-09  09:53 am
Traffic Collisions on Main and LegacyJoel Fitts, Senior T01-27-09  06:08 pm
Utility payments onlinePerry Harts, Moderat01-16-09  04:46 pm
Empty Lot across from Stonebriar ChurchRicky Wilkins01-16-09  10:35 am
Construction on TeelScott Ingalls, Zonin01-14-09  09:42 am
Property west of Heritage Lakes subdivisionScott Ingalls, Zonin01-14-09  09:38 am
FM 423Perry Harts, Moderat