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New Home ConstructionScott Ingalls, Zonin01-31-05  05:01 pm
New red lights on LegacyBrian Moen, Transpor01-31-05  08:50 am
Additional trash binsF.J. Hetland01-28-05  08:31 pm
Legacy construction north of LebanonScott Ingalls, Zonin32 01-27-05  05:03 pm
FencesDonnie Mayfield, Chi01-27-05  05:01 pm
Traffic noise from 121Cissy Sylo, Director01-27-05  10:13 am
Lebanon-Legacy to StarwoodMatt Brenner01-26-05  02:39 pm
Disposing of paint cans/bulk disposalPippa Couvillion, En01-25-05  05:28 pm
Traffic Light at Hillcrest & RolaterBrian Moen, Transpor01-24-05  05:19 pm
Frisco HeightsCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-20-05  11:10 am
City Park in Dominion at Panther CreekCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-20-05  10:29 am
Ohio and Lebanon Frank Jaromin, City 01-19-05  09:57 am
Job OpportunityCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-19-05  09:18 am
Alleyway maintenance queryDanny Carroll, Stree01-19-05  06:27 am
Zoning submittals websiteScott Ingalls, Zonin01-18-05  01:57 pm
Extending Teel down southCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-18-05  01:53 pm
Light timing at Main and TeelBrian Moen, Transpor01-14-05  03:54 pm
Ravens Cliff DrCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-14-05  01:03 pm
Warren westbound at Dallas ParkwayBrian Moen, Transpor01-13-05  02:47 pm
Pot HoleDanny Carroll, Stree01-13-05  02:16 pm
Rabies vaccination ordinanceSharon Elliott, Code01-13-05  10:21 am
Excavation at NE Corner of Warren ParkCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-13-05  09:03 am
Fire AntsCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-13-05  08:45 am
Is it a water treatment or sewage treatment plant?Frank Jaromin, City 01-12-05  04:36 pm
Teel and 720Cristopher D. Marsha01-12-05  01:18 pm
Grain Elevator NoiseTodd Renshaw, Chief 01-12-05  11:52 am
Light synchronization on the Tollway service roadsBrian Moen, Transpor01-12-05  10:40 am
City Master Plan OnlineCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-12-05  10:18 am
Activity @ Preston & FisherCharlie01-11-05  02:17 pm
Eldorado & 423Scott Ingalls, Zonin01-10-05  04:25 pm
Verizon Internet Services - Fiber Optic basedJason Gray, Assistan01-10-05  01:20 pm
Alternative Subdivision DesignCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-10-05  11:09 am
Shopping Center at Eldorado & PrestonScott Ingalls, Zonin01-10-05  09:24 am
Artwork by La Hacienda RanchCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-07-05  08:13 am
Gates between Shawnee Trail and CCC CollegeMack Borchardt, Fire01-06-05  04:12 pm
TaxesCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-06-05  02:27 pm
Frisco Dog ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o01-05-05  09:07 am
Rolater & PrestonCurt Balogh, Spec. A01-04-05  08:36 am
Water TowerPippa Couvillion, En12-28-04  04:34 pm
Tollway Extension to Main StCissy Sylo, Director12-28-04  02:26 pm
720 Between Preston & CusterHulon Webb, Engineer12-27-04  01:38 pm
Road DebrisBrian Patrick, Const12-22-04  10:03 am
Timing of lights on PrestonBrian Moen, Transpor12-20-04  02:35 pm
Annexation of Land....S.E. Corner of Eldorado & 423Scott Ingalls, Zonin12-20-04  01:43 pm
VOIP phone serviceTodd Renshaw, Chief 12-20-04  07:41 am
Status of Water Storage TanksCurt Balogh, Spec. A12-16-04  04:24 pm
Trash/Recycle SchedulePippa Couvillion, En12-16-04  03:59 pm
Tollway: 2004 Inaugural TollEarhart12-16-04  09:23 am
Street Clean UpPippa Couvillion, En12-15-04  01:48 pm
New Frisco Sam's Club?Scott Ingalls, Zonin12-14-04  03:30 pm
Lebanon road/median construction for the new churchHulon Webb, Engineer12-13-04  01:54 pm
Tree TrimmingDonnie Mayfield, Chi12-13-04  01:40 pm
Independence South of MainHulon Webb, Engineer12-13-04  01:40 pm
School Crosswalks on North County Rd.Brian Moen, Transpor12-11-04  05:11 pm
LIght at Hillcrest & 121Rich12-10-04  04:27 pm
Question on Road Project SubmissionsFrank Jaromin, City 12-09-04  01:25 pm
City Athletic Facility on Main, between Custer and CoitRick Wieland, Dir. o12-09-04  12:45 pm
ParkwoodFrank Jaromin, City 12-07-04  10:01 am
Taco Bueno drive throughCurt Balogh, Spec. A12-06-04  01:29 pm
Electric and Gas Provider for Panther Creek communityJason Gray, Assistan12-06-04  10:26 am
New ConstructionScott Ingalls, Zonin12-06-04  10:01 am
WB Gaylord at SB DNT Left Turn LaneBrian Moen, Transpor12-06-04  08:52 am
Daddy-Daughter DanceRick Wieland, Dir. o12-02-04  09:38 am
Preston Road SprinklersRick Wieland, Dir. o12-01-04  01:04 pm
Thoroughfare Plan Online?Brian Moen, Transpor11-29-04  03:20 pm
Moving To Frisco from CanadaAmy Gill, Assistant 11-29-04  12:54 pm
Pro-Sat SignsDonnie Mayfield, Chi11-29-04  11:37 am
Rogers roadworkCurt Balogh, Spec. A11-24-04  08:28 am
SidewalksFrank Jaromin, City 11-23-04  11:10 am
Cement spill in alleyGary Hartwell, Direc11-16-04  05:44 pm
Albertsons at Preston & EldoradoScott Ingalls, Zonin11-16-04  09:54 am
Personal Property Tax on Leased VehiclesNell Lange, Director11-16-04  09:39 am
El Dorado Speed LimitBrian Moen, Transpor11-11-04  07:27 pm
Street Lights in Residential Areas?Gary Hartwell, Direc11-11-04  02:52 pm
Adult Soccer Leagues in FriscoRick Wieland, Dir. o11-11-04  01:18 pm
Repaving of 380Hulon Webb, Engineer11-11-04  11:44 am
Cameron ExtensionCurt Balogh, Spec. A11-09-04  04:32 pm
Tire shop at Preston and HickoryScott Ingalls, Zonin11-09-04  08:49 am
Barking dogsTodd St. John11-08-04  10:27 pm
Timing for traffic light on 423 and LebanonKK11-08-04  02:14 pm
Legacy Commons/Starwood DevelopmentCurt Balogh, Spec. A11-08-04  02:13 pm
Frisco Commons Fountain not workingRick Wieland, Dir. o11-08-04  10:56 am
Missing Street signsGary Hartwell, Direc12 11-08-04  10:46 am
Soccer StadiumCurt Balogh, Spec. A11-04-04  11:16 am
VotingNan Parker, City Sec11-04-04  09:38 am
Light at North/South County & Main StreetBrian Moen, Transpor11-02-04  06:02 pm
Residential house numbersCurt Balogh, Spec. A11-02-04  05:51 pm
Street light timingRichard O'Neil11-02-04  10:35 am
Zoning request at Custer & EldoradoScott Ingalls, Zonin11-01-04  04:44 pm
Trash PickupPippa Couvillion, En11-01-04  12:49 pm
Main and Coit rough roadFrank Jaromin, City 11-01-04  11:39 am
Street Light ProblemGary Hartwell, Direc10-28-04  02:33 pm
Hillcrest b/w Main and EldoradoCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-28-04  02:19 pm
Water PressureGary Hartwell, Direc10-27-04  02:45 pm
Retail Development @ Eldorado & 423Scott Ingalls, Zonin15 10-25-04  03:14 pm
Street debrisGary Hartwell, Direc10-25-04  02:56 pm
Garage Sale info and signsCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-25-04  01:16 pm
Giant FlameJason Gray, Assistan10-21-04  06:43 pm
What other retail establishments are coming to Frisco?Curt Balogh, Spec. A10-21-04  09:15 am
Stonebrook to Legacy?Frank Jaromin, City 10-19-04  10:24 am
Landscaping RemovedCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-19-04  09:52 am
Dallas North TollwayFrank Jaromin, City 10-18-04  11:01 am
Box with blinking red lightCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-14-04  01:59 pm
Sidewalk construction on Teel north of Golf courseFrank Jaromin, City 10-14-04  11:40 am
Preston RoadFrank Jaromin, City 10-14-04  11:24 am
Main St./ FM 720 to CusterCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-14-04  09:21 am
Warren Sports Complex -- RodentsCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-11-04  04:20 pm
Garage SaleDonnie Mayfield, Chi10-11-04  02:57 pm
SW corner of Main and Teel PkwyScott Ingalls, Zonin10-11-04  01:24 pm
Warren Sports Complex - Name CorrectionCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-08-04  10:29 am
Heritage Green ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o10-07-04  03:15 pm
Eckerds at Eldorado and CusterScott Ingalls, Zonin10-07-04  09:28 am
Legacy North of MainCurt Balogh, Spec. A10-07-04  09:23 am
Huntington Sign CorrectionGary Hartwell, Direc10-06-04  10:32 am
RestaurantsTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-06-04  08:35 am
Where to voteNan Parker, City Sec10-05-04  03:55 pm
Cameras Brian Moen, Transpor10-05-04  10:26 am
Planning & Zoning SubmittalsScott Ingalls, Zonin10-04-04  04:30 pm
Alarm monitoringTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-04-04  01:50 pm
Teel From High Shoals to Timber RidgeGary Hartwell, Direc10-01-04  03:50 pm
White lights on pollsTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-30-04  09:10 am
Restaurant grading.Julie Stallcup, Heal09-30-04  08:55 am
Brick walls on HillcrestScott Ingalls, Zonin09-28-04  09:37 am
El Dorado OverpassLance & Ronni Jones09-27-04  10:29 am
Water Towersthelma perez09-27-04  09:45 am
Public AssemblyJason Gray, Assistan09-23-04  11:24 am
Preston OverlayJason Gray, Assistan10 09-23-04  11:14 am
Traffic Signal - Preston and Mall Road ABrian Moen, Transpor09-22-04  07:39 pm
Intersection at DNT and El DoradoBrian Moen, Transpor09-22-04  07:37 pm
Traffic lights on LegacyBrian Moen, Transpor09-22-04  06:13 pm
Frisco High School HomecomingCurt Balogh, Spec. A09-22-04  08:53 am
New Garbage CansPippa Couvillion, En09-21-04  05:21 pm
Alley blocked by workersDonnie Mayfield, Chi09-21-04  01:58 pm
Easy way to find you State RepCurt Balogh, Spec. A09-21-04  09:47 am
Left Turn Into Post OfficeFrank Jaromin, City 09-20-04  04:32 pm
El Dorado completionFrank Jaromin, City 09-20-04  03:54 pm
WebsiteCurt Balogh, Spec. A09-20-04  09:43 am
School Zoning QuestionCurt Balogh, Spec. A09-20-04  09:18 am
Tax HikeJulianne Sherbert09-18-04  01:54 pm
Skateboards at Frisco CommonsRick Wieland, Dir. o09-16-04  12:50 pm
Drainage Canal Just East of King's GardenCurt Balogh, Spec. A09-15-04  04:00 pm
Investors buying new homes to rent outScott Ingalls, Zonin09-15-04  02:33 pm
Trailside Dr. and Timber Ridge Dr. ConstructionCurt Balogh, Spec. A09-15-04  02:22 pm
Status of Coit road construction between Shepherds Hill and Main S...Frank Jaromin, City 10 09-02-04  01:18 pm
Teel & El DoradoBrian Moen, Transpor09-02-04  01:17 pm
Tree giveaway programCurt Balogh, Spec. A09-01-04  01:17 pm
Code for tree locationScott Ingalls, Zonin09-01-04  09:56 am
Blocked sidewalksDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-31-04  01:27 pm
HWY 121 converted into a tollwayCurt Balogh, Spec. A08-30-04  03:19 pm
Mosquito ProblemJulie Stallcup, Heal08-27-04  01:43 pm
Construction Project Update PageCissy Sylo, Director08-26-04  06:54 pm
Zoning/ development questionCurt Balogh, Spec. A08-26-04  01:18 pm
Land South of Lakeside @ Lone Star Ranch Scott Ingalls, Zonin08-24-04  09:33 am
Timing of Preston/Gaylord lightCurt Balogh, Spec. A08-24-04  09:02 am
New Building south of IHOPCurt Balogh, Spec. A08-24-04  08:58 am
El Dorado Parkway and Griffin Middle SchoolKimberly Dalton, EIT08-23-04  09:36 am
Signals at Legacy and Stonebriar/WarrenBrian Moen, Transpor08-23-04  09:25 am
Drainage in Heather Ridge/King's GardenFrank Jaromin, City 08-20-04  01:54 pm
Downtown ConstructionJoseph M Tecson08-18-04  10:15 pm
Removal of old trash cans - Green IESI Trash cans.Curt Balogh, Spec. A08-18-04  08:55 am
Teel Pkwy ExpansionFrank Jaromin, City 13 08-17-04  04:58 pm
Turn lane at StonebrookBrian Moen, Transpor08-16-04  01:04 pm
Teel and Legacy south of MainFrank Jaromin, City 08-16-04  11:58 am
Bond ProjectsCurt Balogh, Spec. A08-13-04  09:24 am
Alley Garages and Street ParkingCurt Balogh, Spec. A08-13-04  08:26 am
Tent-like structure over drivewayDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-11-04  01:40 pm
Car PortsRandall Warren08-11-04  08:48 am
Panthers Creek ParksRick Wieland, Dir. o08-09-04  10:14 pm
Connecting El Dorado Frank Jaromin, City 08-09-04  01:29 pm
Broken glass, debris in alleyAnon08-09-04  01:22 pm
Brinkman Ranch and Hillcrest.Frank Jaromin, City 08-09-04  01:22 pm
Paving CR 71Frank Jaromin, City 08-09-04  01:19 pm
SIDEWALKSFrank Jaromin, City 08-09-04  11:14 am
FY 2005 BudgetCurt Balogh, Spec. A08-06-04  02:49 pm
CR 68 and CR69 between Coit and IndependanceRichard Charlton08-06-04  09:55 am
Lebanon & Parkwood SignalsBrian Moen, Transpor08-05-04  06:26 pm
New trash cartsPippa Couvillion, En20 08-05-04  04:48 pm
Dead BirdsJulianne Sherbert08-05-04  12:45 pm
City CommitteesNan Parker, City Sec08-04-04  08:18 am
Frisco public bus serviceAmy Gill, Assistant 08-04-04  08:17 am
Eldorado Fairways ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o08-04-04  08:14 am
Outdoor Patio LightDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-04-04  07:29 am
Installing Sprinkler SystemAmy Gill, Assistant 08-02-04  03:06 pm
Used Fire HydrantsGary Hartwell, Direc07-29-04  08:02 am
Hike & Bike trail in Hunter's CreekRick Wieland, Dir. o07-28-04  04:01 pm
Shops at the legacy & Lebanon intersectionScott Ingalls, Zonin07-28-04  01:25 pm
Noise Ordinance and Lawn ServicesScott Ingalls, Zonin07-28-04  01:20 pm
Old Frisco Dodge locationScott Ingalls, Zonin07-28-04  11:31 am
Frisco Stars CenterScott Ingalls, Zonin07-27-04  06:08 pm
Dr Pepper Stars CenterScott Ingalls, Zonin07-27-04  05:42 pm
Ohio and ReganRick Wieland, Dir. o07-27-04  04:18 pm
Power PlantJason Gray, Assistan07-27-04  10:30 am
Construction off Teel by Griffin ParcScott Ingalls, Zonin07-26-04  10:01 am
Shops at NE corner of Legacy and LebanonMadhu07-26-04  09:44 am
Tree removal on Ohio Julianne Sherbert07-26-04  09:38 am
Stop SignAmy Gill, Assistant 07-26-04  09:23 am
Smith Elem Community ParkAmy Gill, Assistant 07-26-04  09:23 am
Vacant Lot beside Tutor Time on Ohio DriveJulianne Sherbert07-24-04  05:56 pm
Warren Sports Complex - Basketball/Tennis LightsAmy Gill, Assistant 07-22-04  07:09 pm
Sprinklers out of alignment!!!Rick Wieland, Dir. o07-22-04  02:46 pm
Noise OrdinanceNan Parker, City Sec07-22-04  09:09 am
Post OfficeAmy Gill, Assistant 07-22-04  08:42 am
423 updateCissy Sylo, Director07-22-04  08:40 am
Storm drain inletsCissy Sylo, Director07-20-04  04:32 pm
Snuffers in Frisco?Scott Ingalls, Zonin07-16-04  04:14 pm
Main and DNTFrank Jaromin, City 07-16-04  04:11 pm
Pile of dirt south of El DoradoShafi Haque07-14-04  11:16 am
Repavement Project - Hackberry RoadGary Hartwell, Direc07-13-04  04:04 pm
Park in Frisco Heights SubdivisionCurt Balogh, Spec. A07-13-04  03:56 pm
Splash Park?Julianne Sherbert07-13-04  12:45 pm
Light at Main and CoitKimberly Dalton, EIT07-13-04  09:22 am
Stoplight at Eldorado and Dallas ParkwayKimberly Dalton, EIT07-13-04  09:19 am
Lebanon/Parkwood SignalKimberly Dalton, EIT07-13-04  08:25 am
West Rowlett Creek Hike and Bike PathRick Wieland, Dir. o07-09-04  10:42 am
Grayhawk ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o07-08-04  05:46 pm
MediansBrian C07-08-04  11:15 am
EACJason Gray, Assistan07-08-04  09:19 am
Shepard's Glen ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o07-07-04  04:15 pm
Are there plans for a traffic signal at Hillcrest and College?Brian Moen, Transpor07-06-04  05:22 pm
Hwy 121 ExpansionHulon Webb, Engineer07-06-04  05:16 pm
Teel/LegacyHulon Webb, Engineer07-06-04  05:10 pm
Large pothole on ParkwayGary Hartwell, Direc07-06-04  09:50 am
FireworksTodd Renshaw, Chief 07-02-04  08:58 am
City Milage SignsCurt Balogh, Spec. A07-01-04  05:13 pm
Fireworks Show in Frisco?Matt Lafata06-30-04  11:27 pm
Abandoned HouseDonnie Mayfield, Chi06-28-04  04:39 pm
GIS zoning codes keyMike Walker, Senior 06-24-04  08:30 am
YMCA?Mike Walker, Senior 06-24-04  08:22 am
Smith Elem. ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o06-23-04  05:17 pm
Dr. Pepper Star CenterMike Walker, Senior 06-23-04  09:59 am
Widening of El DoradoFrank Jaromin, City 06-22-04  03:23 pm
County Road 712Gary Hartwell, Direc06-22-04  08:33 am
Any plans of a signal at Coit and Shepherds Hill Lane ?Brian Moen, Transpor06-21-04  03:32 pm
Farmers marketsCurt Balogh, Spec. A06-21-04  09:13 am
NW Corner Main and TollwayMike Walker, Senior 06-21-04  08:58 am
Water in the Old Downtown SectionBritt Howard06-18-04  11:46 am
Frisco websiteDana Baird, Dir. of 06-16-04  08:22 am
Next Town Hall MeetingCurt Balogh, Spec. A06-15-04  03:48 pm
Food donationsCurt Balogh, Spec. A06-15-04  03:40 pm
Custer and EldoradoScott Ingalls, Zonin06-11-04  03:32 pm
Shawnee Park RestroomsCurt Balogh, Spec. A06-11-04  02:57 pm
Teel Road/Old OrchardFrank Jaromin, City 06-11-04  11:07 am
Street LightingHulon Webb, Engineer06-09-04  05:38 pm
Tornado SirensMack Borchardt, Fire06-08-04  05:37 pm
Teel and MainScott Ingalls, Zonin06-08-04  12:57 pm
IKEA statusMatt Lafata06-08-04  11:29 am
Doggie leftovers????Curt Balogh, Spec. A06-08-04  10:42 am
Soccer Fields at Hillcrest and WarrenScott Ingalls, Zonin06-04-04  04:30 pm
Zoning requirements around screening wallsScott Ingalls, Zonin06-04-04  04:24 pm
McKinney-Frisco connectionsFrank Jaromin, City 06-04-04  03:42 pm
Lake Lewisville Toll BridgeCurt Balogh, Spec. A06-03-04  11:57 am
Plans for South East corner of Coit & Main Scott Ingalls, Zonin06-02-04  02:38 pm
Colter'sScott Ingalls, Zonin06-01-04  01:15 pm
Electricla Panels for Pool EquipmentDonnie Mayfield, Chi05-27-04  04:52 pm
Hackberry CommittmentGary Hartwell, Direc05-27-04  03:32 pm
Trash cans - Warren - Practice FieldsScott Ingalls, Zonin05-27-04  03:28 pm
Property Tax ValuesKarin Herrmann, Asst05-27-04  03:19 pm
What are the rulesTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-27-04  02:38 pm
Drainage Issue's and Home Builder'sDonnie Mayfield, Chi05-25-04  05:18 pm
Bahama BreezeScott Ingalls, Zonin05-25-04  03:02 pm
Street Sign DownGary Hartwell, Direc05-24-04  03:54 pm
From Frisco into The ColonyFrank Jaromin, City 05-24-04  03:26 pm
New state electrical liscenseDonnie Mayfield, Chi05-19-04  02:35 pm
Dogs in Public w/o LeashDarren Stevens, Capt05-18-04  04:19 pm
"Road Closed" at Hillcrest / JeremyFrank Jaromin, City 05-18-04  01:54 pm
BrushCory Barsch05-17-04  12:22 pm
7-11 at Main and HillcrestCurt Balogh, Spec. A05-17-04  10:54 am
Curious QuestionScott Ingalls, Zonin05-17-04  08:48 am
CoServ - I want out !!Karin Herrmann, Asst05-17-04  08:43 am
"USA Baby" Store @ NW corner of Ohio & Prestmont Scott Ingalls, Zonin05-17-04  08:40 am
Cell Sites in FriscoKarin Herrmann, Asst11 05-17-04  08:38 am
Cameron ExtensionFrank Jaromin, City 05-13-04  05:00 pm
Parks BoardCurt Balogh, Spec. A05-13-04  02:35 pm
Soccer stadiumCissy Sylo, Director05-13-04  11:58 am
Citywide Wi-FiDarren Stevens, Capt05-11-04  05:38 pm
How safe are our neighborhoodsDarren Stevens, Capt05-11-04  05:38 pm
Erosion controlKarin Herrmann, Asst05-10-04  12:33 pm
Emergency VehiclesCurt Balogh, Spec. A05-07-04  03:13 pm
Roads Around Dr Pepper BallparkScott Ingalls, Zonin05-07-04  02:22 pm
Sidewalk on Eldorado near middle school?Brian Moen, Transpor05-07-04  10:57 am
Eldorado and DNTBrian Moen, Transpor05-06-04  06:13 pm
Who is my council member?Karin Herrmann, Asst05-06-04  12:55 pm
Proposed Zoning on RolatorScott Ingalls, Zonin05-06-04  11:43 am
Lawn & Fence MaintenanceDonnie Mayfield, Chi05-06-04  09:28 am
Regulations on front door solicitations ?Todd Renshaw, Chief 05-06-04  08:46 am
DNT traffic woesBrian Moen, Traffic 05-05-04  01:36 pm
Apartment Complex SafetyTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-05-04  09:38 am
Admin TestKim Johnson05-04-04  04:33 pm
City is BrokenKarin Herrmann, Asst05-03-04  04:19 pm
Street lightsGary Hartwell, Direc15 05-03-04  03:36 pm
Toddler/ Kids Water parkRick Wieland, Dir. o05-03-04  08:30 am
Traffic light 423 / LebanonCissy Sylo, Director10 05-01-04  01:05 pm
Hackberry Road StudyBrian Moen, Traffic 04-29-04  05:37 pm
Speed limit increase Legacy/WarrenCissy Sylo, Director04-29-04  04:41 pm
Street lights on HillcrestKarin Herrmann, Asst04-29-04  04:21 pm
Parking in AlleysTodd Renshaw, Chief 04-29-04  03:43 pm
Warren Sports Complex ParkingRick Wieland, Dir. o04-29-04  10:15 am
Connection between The Colony and Frisco (Spring Creek Drive)Frank Jaromin, City 04-27-04  02:35 pm
Shawnee Trail ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o04-23-04  08:44 am
Coit Road AlignmentFrank Jaromin, City 04-21-04  04:39 pm
Piles of dirt in empty lotDonnie Mayfield, Chi04-20-04  12:00 pm
City codes homeowners must abide byScott Ingalls, Zonin04-16-04  01:56 pm
Residential Property Variance RequestScott Ingalls, Zonin04-16-04  01:48 pm
City elections Sp 2004Karin Herrmann, Asst04-16-04  01:35 pm
Where tod dump oilPippa Couvillion, En04-15-04  02:04 pm
New Roach Middle SchoolJulianne Sherbert04-15-04  09:09 am
Nosey Neighbor goes High TechFrank Jaromin, City 04-14-04  10:01 am
Hike/bike trail thru hunter's creekRick Wieland, Dir. o04-13-04  01:11 am
Vacant lot filling up with trashDonnie Mayfield, Chi04-12-04  01:36 pm
Tollway and SH121Scott Ingalls, Zonin04-09-04  04:12 pm
Lights for basketball @ Shawnee Trails complex?Rick Wieland, Dir. o04-09-04  10:35 am
Coit RoadBrian Moen, Traffic 12 04-08-04  03:49 pm
Ramp for DNT at GaylordBrian Moen, Traffic 04-08-04  02:08 pm
College & Coit Stop SignBrian Moen, Traffic 11 04-07-04  07:06 pm
720 and 423 Intersection and SouthBrian Moen, Traffic 04-06-04  08:02 pm
Future development on OhioScott Ingalls, Zonin04-05-04  12:55 pm
Water on street-Tom Thumb @ Preston and LebanonKarin Herrmann, Asst04-02-04  11:49 am
City municipal buildingsPhil Gaudreau, Facil04-02-04  09:39 am
Eldorado (Custer to Hillcrest)Frank Jaromin, City 04-01-04  05:53 pm
Ohio/Prestmont ConstructionScott Ingalls, Zonin04-01-04  05:01 pm
Frisco StreetPhil Gaudreau, Facil04-01-04  09:44 am
Question about Hike and Bike Master PlanRick Wieland, Dir. o03-31-04  04:53 pm
New ConstructionScott Ingalls, Zonin03-31-04  03:41 pm
Utility Billing and PaymentNell Lange, Director03-26-04  01:35 pm
Names of Streets and RoadsScott Ingalls, Zonin03-25-04  10:44 am
Hickory Springs No Thru TrafficDarren Stevens, Capt03-23-04  12:47 pm
Stop Light - El Dorado and Dallas ParkwayCissy Sylo, Director14 03-19-04  12:22 pm
? on new concrete for patio and drivewayDonnie Mayfield, Chi03-16-04  08:39 am
Aerial PhotosSusan Olson11 03-15-04  05:26 pm
Zoning change @ Hillcrest/CollegeScott Ingalls, Zonin03-15-04  09:47 am
Powered ParachutesKim Crawford03-12-04  04:03 pm
Legacy DriveScott Ingalls, Zonin03-12-04  11:05 am
Parks BoardKarin Herrmann, Asst03-11-04  03:58 pm
Helicopter landingDarren Stevens, Capt03-10-04  08:45 pm
Home upkeepSharon Elliott, Code03-03-04  02:52 pm
Zoning Change ??Scott Ingalls, Zonin03-03-04  02:23 pm
Misspelling on street signDanny Carroll03-01-04  03:00 pm
Tollway and 121 UpdateCissy Sylo, Director03-01-04  02:51 pm
Hackberry RoadCissy Sylo, Director16 02-25-04  11:02 am
Fat CityRick Wieland, Dir. o02-24-04  04:53 pm
Building Standards CommissionDonnie Mayfield, Chi02-23-04  01:30 pm
Development Fees (Impact & Tap Fees)Scott Ingalls, Zonin02-23-04  01:07 pm
HillcrestBrian Moen, Traffic 02-23-04  11:29 am
Traffic Situation off of 720Frank Jaromin, City 02-20-04  03:50 pm
Train TrafficBrian Moen, Traffic 02-20-04  01:51 pm
Traffic Light for Teel and Main StreetBrian Moen, Traffic 18 02-18-04  08:10 pm
Child Safety ClassDarren Stevens, Capt02-18-04  01:22 pm
Main St east of DNTCissy Sylo, Director02-18-04  12:54 pm
Street LightGary Hartwell, Direc11 02-18-04  09:39 am
Residential LightingJeff Witt, Comprehen02-18-04  08:16 am
Smoke stack on 121 past CusterJeff Witt, Comprehen02-18-04  08:16 am
N. County Rd. north of Meadow HillBrian Moen, Traffic 02-17-04  05:44 pm
Apartment Occupancy RestrictionsDonnie Mayfield, Chi02-17-04  01:40 pm
Dry Wall Code Donnie Mayfield, Chi02-10-04  10:23 am
Lightning Predictor System at WarrenAmy Gill, Assistant 02-06-04  09:54 am
Railroad intersectionsLauren Safranek, HR 02-04-04  01:18 pm
AlleysJoe Williams02-04-04  09:58 am
Median Improvements on LebanonRick Wieland, Dir. o02-03-04  05:21 pm
Water at Hillcrest and 121Danny Carroll02-02-04  06:24 am
Pool EquipmentDonnie Mayfield, Chi01-30-04  07:53 am
Worker friendly cityHenry Hill, Deputy C01-28-04  10:14 am
House BuilderAlex01-22-04  05:06 pm
Blowing grass into storm sewersGary Hartwell, Direc01-22-04  09:58 am
Frisco Community BandMaher Maso01-21-04  02:26 pm
Signal at 423 / LebanonCissy Sylo, Director13 01-21-04  08:49 am
Street Light on RolatorDanny Carroll01-21-04  08:48 am
New Extension to Teel RdFrank Jaromin, City 13 01-20-04  10:25 am
SH 121 Signs at TollwayKimberly Dalton, EIT01-19-04  04:05 pm
Draining to a back alleyDonnie Mayfield, Chi01-16-04  11:15 am
Dog Park in Frisco??Rick Wieland, Dir. o01-15-04  11:55 am
For Lease signsSharon Elliott, Code01-15-04  08:41 am
New city buildingsPhil Gaudreau, Facil01-14-04  05:06 pm
Current Smoking Ordinance(s)Nan Parker, City Sec01-14-04  11:31 am
Teel to LebanonFrank Jaromin, City 01-13-04  01:57 pm
Town Hall MeetingsDana Baird, Dir. of 01-13-04  09:12 am
Teel at MainScott Ingalls, Zonin14 01-12-04  05:05 pm
Hwy 121 & Tollway ExchangeBrian Moen, Traffic 01-12-04  10:43 am
Events Honoring MLK DayMelissa Johnson01-08-04  04:59 pm
Development at NE corner of Ohio & Warren ParkwayScott Ingalls, Zonin01-08-04  08:25 am
Utility DepositDarren Stevens, Capt12 01-07-04  05:06 pm
Parking in Front of Mail BoxDarren Stevens, Capt01-07-04  05:06 pm
Zoning and development submittalsScott Ingalls, Zonin01-06-04  03:29 pm
Construction on Warren, east of OhioBrian Patrick, Const01-06-04  09:36 am
New Sewer Line?Frank Jaromin, City 01-06-04  08:46 am
Water QualityAmy Gill, CM Fellows12-31-03  12:03 pm
CRIME WAVE?Darren Stevens, Capt12-30-03  06:55 pm
FM2934 (Eldorado Pkwy.)Amy Gill, CM Fellows10 12-30-03  03:33 pm
Christmas Tree DisposalPippa Couvillion, En12-29-03  11:07 am
Recycling PickupPippa Couvillion, En12-29-03  10:44 am
HELP ELECTRICAL BOX CODEDonnie Mayfield, Chi12-29-03  10:10 am
POSTAL PACKAGE BOXESDonnie Mayfield, Chi12-23-03  07:32 am
Trash at Oakbrook ParkAmy Gill, CM Fellows12-18-03  12:20 pm
Work on Dallas ParkwayAmy Gill, CM Fellows12-15-03  10:45 am
Citizen's AcademyHenry Hill, Deputy C12-15-03  09:01 am
KrogerScott Ingalls, Zonin12-11-03  05:11 pm
Neighborhood Crime WatchCaptain John Bruce12-10-03  05:23 pm
Permitting for Deck or PergolaDonnie Mayfield, Chi12-10-03  03:01 pm
New ConstructionScott Ingalls, Zonin12-10-03  02:10 pm
Frisco StreetGary Hartwell, Direc12-09-03  09:35 am
Paving OhioFrank Jaromin, City 14 12-04-03  05:51 pm
HillcrestBrian Moen, Traffic 14 12-03-03  08:27 am
Fence questionDonnie Mayfield, Chi12-02-03  05:09 pm
Wireless phone towers in southwest Frisco?Richard Bentley, Dir12-02-03  01:17 pm
Stop signDanny Carroll12-01-03  08:44 am
Any good high caliber gyms in FriscoRick Wieland, Dir. o12-01-03  08:37 am
Dangerous situation at Preston and Hwy 380Brian Moen, Traffic 11-24-03  10:49 am
New water meters?Gary Hartwell, Direc11-24-03  09:54 am
Friendship Park???Rick Wieland, Dir. o11-24-03  09:04 am
Red Light on Preston north of Main StreetBrian Moen, Traffic 18 11-21-03  05:16 pm
Parked Cars Blocking Sidewalk Todd Renshaw, Chief 11-20-03  05:50 pm
Preston Road WorkBrian Patrick, Const11-18-03  08:14 am
CR 712Frank Jaromin, City 11-17-03  10:27 am
Scooters - What are the laws?Amy Gill, CM Fellows11-14-03  04:43 pm
Park next to Parkside Estates???Rick Wieland, Dir. o11-13-03  01:34 pm
Fireplace Combust air pipe & city codeDonnie Mayfield, Chi11-12-03  11:45 am
Highest point of elevationAnonymousPVN11-11-03  06:41 pm
Hot water heater & building codeDonnie Mayfield, Chi11-11-03  08:18 am
Hazardous Waste CollectionPippa Couvillion, En11-04-03  03:55 pm
Carpet Cleaning Noisesam smith10-31-03  04:49 pm
CHL holder access to City HallTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-31-03  09:51 am
New ordinance pertaining to vehicles.Todd Renshaw, Chief 10-30-03  07:21 am
Sprinkler SystemsSharon Elliott, Code10-27-03  01:30 pm
Police Officer SafteyDarren Stevens, Capt10-24-03  05:01 pm
Zoning and Home Based BusinessesScott Ingalls, Zonin10-23-03  10:28 am
Plat/Plan reviewScott Ingalls, Zonin10-22-03  11:03 am
Phone outage (911)Danny Carroll10-21-03  11:21 am
Paint Ball GunsTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-20-03  08:38 am
Flu ShotJulie Stallcup, Heal10-16-03  03:57 pm
Public Art Workshop on 10/25Karin Herrmann, CM F10-16-03  03:48 pm
Speed limit box at Teel crosswalkBrian Moen, Traffic 10-15-03  05:43 pm
Hillcrest eyesore (between Castle and Quest)Scott Ingalls, Zonin10-15-03  04:53 pm
Zoning ChangesRick Wieland, Dir. o10-15-03  04:26 pm
Regional Park near Eldorado & FM 423Rick Wieland, Dir. o10-15-03  04:26 pm
Police ReportsTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-15-03  04:01 pm
Storage BuildingsDonnie Mayfield, Chi10-15-03  09:02 am
ESL ClassesKarin Herrmann, CM F10-14-03  03:57 pm
El DoradoHulon Webb, Engineer10-14-03  08:28 am
SolicitorsTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-12-03  05:29 pm
Crossing GuardKimberly Dalton, EIT10-10-03  03:45 pm
Intersections Traffic at 423 & 720 (at 7-11 & liquor store)...Frank Jaromin, City 22 10-10-03  12:00 pm
Builders at nightAmy Gill, CM Fellows10-09-03  03:59 pm
City EmploymentLauren Safranek, HR 10-09-03  12:13 pm
Hillcrest medianKarin Herrmann, CM F17 10-08-03  02:56 pm
Lebanon from Custer to PrestonFrank Jaromin, City 10-08-03  08:29 am
Stop sign @ eldorado and n county roadCissy Sylo, Director10-07-03  01:54 pm
Light @ Preston & LebanonBrian Moen, Traffic 10-07-03  11:34 am
Opening of Spur 33 extensionBrian Patrick, Const10-06-03  12:00 pm
SidewalkDanny Carroll10-03-03  12:17 pm
Lakes on Legacy ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o10-03-03  10:43 am
SBC flag and markingMatt Dorsett10-03-03  08:28 am
Police EmploymentTodd Renshaw, Chief 12 10-02-03  04:34 pm
Unleashed dogsTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-02-03  03:23 pm
Firefighters 5kKarin Herrmann, CM F09-30-03  08:36 am
Main StreetFrank Jaromin, City 09-29-03  04:30 pm
Stuck with CoservKarin Herrmann, CM F09-26-03  02:52 pm
Water PressureGary Hartwell, Direc09-26-03  10:00 am
NW corner College and CoitBrian Patrick, Const09-24-03  05:05 pm
New subdivisionScott Ingalls, Zonin09-23-03  11:11 am
What is being built?Scott Ingalls, Zonin09-22-03  01:41 pm
Parking on the StreetTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-19-03  05:07 pm
Rock Haulers in My NeighborhoodTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-19-03  09:23 am
School Zone - "Your Speed" signsBrian Moen, Traffic 09-18-03  10:56 am
Open space between FISD bus center and Preston VineyardAmy Gill, CM Fellows09-17-03  04:13 pm
Frisco Street Change OrderFrank Jaromin, City 09-16-03  06:14 pm
Frisco Fire/EMS Service AreaAnonymousPVN09-16-03  04:16 pm
Noisy HelicopterMack Borchardt, Fire09-16-03  11:28 am
Lebanon Construction BarrierBrian Moen, Traffic 09-12-03  05:24 pm
Parks Board MeetingsNan Parker, City Sec09-11-03  11:49 am
West Frisco BottleneckFrank Jaromin, City 10 09-11-03  10:52 am
Police HeadquartersTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-10-03  11:52 am
Cat5e cableAmy Gill, CM Fellows09-09-03  08:31 am
New building codes?Donnie Mayfield, Chi09-09-03  07:32 am
Definition of a Sexually Oriented BusinessTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-08-03  11:55 am
Noise OrdinanceTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-07-03  01:04 pm
Traffic light at Main and TeelBrian Moen, Traffic 09-05-03  05:54 pm
Preston Vineyards EntranceKarin Herrmann, CM F09-03-03  05:03 pm
Backup at Southbound Dallas Parkway at Stonebrook in the morning?Brian Moen, Traffic 09-03-03  04:13 pm
Water flyerGary Hartwell, Direc09-03-03  04:12 pm
Proposed Tax Rate IncreaseJason Gray, Assistan09-03-03  01:56 pm
High WeedsAmy Gill, CM Fellows09-03-03  01:16 pm
WateringRick Wieland, Dir. o09-03-03  10:34 am
Signage for Private Road/DriveBrian Moen, Traffic 09-03-03  10:23 am
Legal HuntingTodd Renshaw, Chief 09-02-03  04:27 pm
Does a trailer used in Homecoming Parade need current registration?Todd Renshaw, Chief 09-02-03  08:44 am
Trash / Yard Waste Services Pippa Couvillion, En08-27-03  09:25 am
Abandoned residenceDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-25-03  04:25 pm
Legacy From Lebanon to 121 Const.Darren Stevens08-25-03  02:09 pm
Legacy / 121 Clean-upKarin Herrmann, CM F08-21-03  10:12 am
Panther Creek & HawkinsScott Ingalls, Zonin08-20-03  05:13 pm
Please add STOP signBrian Moen, Traffic 08-19-03  01:33 pm
McGruff HousesTodd Renshaw, Chief 08-19-03  10:50 am
Missing SidewalkAnonymousPVN08-18-03  02:31 pm
Council AgendaJason Gray, Assistan08-18-03  12:49 pm
Landscape Company Complaint/FraudKarin Herrmann, CM F08-18-03  08:46 am
Building CodeDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-15-03  03:47 pm
Construction North of Lebanon on HillcrestFrank Jaromin, City 08-13-03  10:49 am
Coit RoadFrank Jaromin, City 08-12-03  06:16 pm
Vacant LotDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-12-03  02:48 pm
Abandoned ResidencesDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-12-03  02:48 pm
Dallas BurnAmy Gill, CM Fellows22 08-12-03  09:26 am
Dallas BurnAmy Gill, CM Fellows08-12-03  09:24 am
El DoradoBrian Moen, Traffic 18 08-11-03  06:38 pm
Housing ConstructionDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-11-03  05:16 pm
Christmas LightsDonnie Mayfield, Chi08-11-03  04:33 pm
Preston @ El Dorado ConstructionScott Ingalls, Zonin08-11-03  04:32 pm
Resurfacing of Hwys 33 and 289Frank_jaromin08-11-03  08:42 am
Median IrrigationKarinh08-08-03  02:42 pm
Health InspectionJulie_stallcup08-07-03  10:57 am
Median irrigationGary08-07-03  09:13 am
Clean-up After Auto AccidentsDcarroll08-06-03  01:48 pm
Legacy and 720Karinh23 08-06-03  09:31 am
Custer Road signBrian08-05-03  10:27 pm
Stop sign and speed limitsBrian08-05-03  06:37 pm
Parking at T - intersectionTodd08-05-03  03:35 pm
AnonymousCurt_balogh08-05-03  09:06 am
Asphalt or concreteKarinh08-04-03  05:06 pm
Eldorado - North County to Dallas North TollwayFrank_jaromin08-04-03  03:35 pm
Where does my sidewalk have to go?Donnie_mayfield08-04-03  08:09 am
Warren Sports ComplexFrank_jaromin08-01-03  01:56 pm
Sales TaxJason08-01-03  01:01 pm
Construction at Preston and El DoradoScott_ingalls08-01-03  09:48 am
Preston Road ResurfacingBrian07-30-03  06:17 pm
Current Waiting Time for Building Permit?Donnie Mayfield, Chi07-29-03  05:31 pm
Sharing a fenceJennifer Granberry07-29-03  11:11 am
Frisco PoolAmy Gill, CM Fellows07-28-03  05:01 pm
Crosswalk on Teel ParkwayKimberly Dalton, EIT07-28-03  08:42 am
DSL at Grayhawk?Jason Gray, Assistan07-25-03  02:37 pm
Jobs In FriscoKarin Herrmann, CM F07-24-03  10:26 am
Frisco Square Retailers/OfficesKarin Herrmann, CM F07-24-03  08:40 am
Surplus PropertyTodd St. John07-24-03  08:33 am
HOT WEATHERGary Hartwell, Direc07-24-03  07:12 am
Alcohol consumption in ParksKarin Herrmann, CM F07-21-03  09:24 am
How Long does it take to get trash binsKarin Herrmann, CM F07-21-03  09:24 am
Flexiable Gas PipeingAmy Gill, CM Fellows15 07-18-03  02:12 pm
Left Turn Signal too short at SB Preston@EB LebanonBrian Moen, Traffic 11 07-18-03  11:54 am
Parking on the GrassTodd Renshaw, Chief 10 07-17-03  08:35 am
Road work on Stone Falls in Preston Vinyards IVDanny Carroll07-16-03  01:32 pm
More Tree QuestionsScott Ingalls, Zonin16 07-14-03  04:30 pm
Standing water on Lebanon sidewalkDonnie Mayfield, Chi07-14-03  10:31 am
Construction at Hillcrest and CollegeKarin Herrmann, CM F07-14-03  08:38 am
Trees in medianRick Wieland, Dir. o07-13-03  10:19 pm
Another ?? about Legacy & Lebanon IntersectionKimberly Dalton, EIT07-11-03  05:36 pm
Frisco Post Office can't find my houseJason Gray, Assistan07-10-03  05:33 pm
Mosque?Scott Ingalls, Zonin07-10-03  05:27 pm
Another shopping center on LebanonScott Ingalls, Zonin07-10-03  05:15 pm
Heritage grove parkRick Wieland, Dir. o07-10-03  03:16 pm
Water sprinklers on LebanonRick Wieland, Dir. o07-10-03  03:10 pm
Tollway extension completion dates?Cissy Sylo, Director07-10-03  09:48 am
Mayor, City Manager, City CouncilLauren Safranek, HR 26 07-10-03  09:14 am
Rolater - open to traffic from Custer - when?Frank Jaromin, City 07-09-03  04:29 pm
Newman RoadFrank Jaromin, City 07-09-03  04:26 pm
Moving Program 07-09-03  04:16 pm
Frisco Dog ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o07-09-03  03:37 pm
Affordable Housing 07-09-03  02:51 pm
County Rds. 68 & 69 07-09-03  08:40 am
V.A.M. requirements? 07-09-03  08:36 am
Smell at Smith/Clark park 07-09-03  08:31 am
Weeds in vacant areasAmy Gill, CM Fellows07-08-03  02:26 pm
Construction at Hillcrest and Eldorado ParkwayScott Ingalls, Zonin07-08-03  12:06 pm
Mall entrances (roads)Kimberly Dalton, EIT07-08-03  10:35 am
ParksNan Parker, City Sec07-07-03  02:58 pm
Food ShoppingScott Ingalls, Zonin07-07-03  12:46 pm
Car in DrivewayKarin Herrmann, CM F07-07-03  11:47 am
Homestead Exemption in FriscoKarin Herrmann, CM F07-07-03  11:47 am
Synchronizing Tornado Sirens/NWS Warnings/Local RadarMack Borchardt, Fire07-07-03  10:22 am
Legacy and LebanonScott Ingalls, Zonin07-03-03  03:29 pm
Standing water by Smith ParkDonnie Mayfield, Chi07-03-03  02:07 pm
Tornado SirensMack Borchardt, Fire07-02-03  10:09 am
School Zone IndicatorsKimberly Dalton, EIT07-01-03  03:27 pm
Stonebrook Parkway...Scott Norris CIP Man07-01-03  03:00 pm
FM720 (Preston Rd - Independence)Scott Norris CIP Man07-01-03  02:30 pm
Drainage IssuesDonnie Mayfield, Chi07-01-03  11:04 am
Code for exhaust vent outDonnie Mayfield, Chi07-01-03  09:42 am
Main Street ConstructionScott Ingalls, Zonin07-01-03  08:45 am
Improperly nested threads?Curt Balogh, Spec. A06-30-03  10:16 am
Rolater between Coit & IndependenceScott Norris CIP Man06-26-03  04:03 pm
Fire LanesCaptain John Bruce06-26-03  02:06 pm
423 and Panther CreekScott Ingalls, Zonin06-26-03  09:47 am
Aquatics and Recreation CenterRick Wieland, Dir. o06-25-03  06:50 pm
Council Meeting InvocationNan Parker, City Sec06-25-03  05:54 pm
Aluminum Can Recyclingpippa couvillion06-24-03  10:47 am
North County Road and CR 712Brian Moen, Traffic 06-23-03  05:02 pm
720 & TeelBrian Moen, Traffic 06-23-03  05:02 pm
Median on EldoradoAmy Gill, CM Fellows06-23-03  08:06 am
Apt Complex pool Health Codes RegulationsJulie Stallcup, R.S06-20-03  04:19 pm
Tourist SitesScott Ingalls, Zonin06-20-03  04:01 pm
Frisco's address systemSteve Covington, Ass06-20-03  02:41 pm
Park at Inlet & HarborNan Parker, City Sec11 06-20-03  11:53 am
Left Turns without a Left Turn LaneBrian Moen, Traffic 06-18-03  03:08 pm
Only a kid would ask....Gary Hartwell, Direc06-18-03  09:25 am
Sidewalk on Legacy at Stonebriar/Warren/LebanonGary Hartwell, Direc06-17-03  10:25 am
Hillcrest and Warren median sprinklersRick Wieland, Dir. o06-16-03  10:57 pm
McKinney ParkRick Wieland, Dir. o06-16-03  10:57 pm
North County Road Phase 2Brian Patrick06-16-03  11:30 am
Focal PointDana Baird, Dir. of 14 06-13-03  10:36 am
Irrigation on Hillcrest Road MediansRick Wieland, Dir. o06-12-03  04:27 pm
Planning & Zoning CommissionScott Ingalls, Zonin06-11-03  09:37 am
Passing on the shoulder/on street ParkingTodd Renshaw, Chief 06-10-03  04:46 pm
Building Code and Rain GuttersDonnie Mayfield06-10-03  08:44 am
Leaving kids in the car....Todd Renshaw, Chief 06-08-03  02:44 pm
Post OfficeCurt Balogh, Spec. A06-06-03  04:55 pm
Where exactly is the Penal Code?FriscoJoe06-06-03  01:33 pm
Main Street CrossingJason Gray, Assistan06-06-03  08:56 am
Building Code John Lettelleir06-06-03  08:46 am
Fairways on Teel Pkwy - Police ReportTodd Renshaw, Chief 06-04-03  06:28 pm
Aquatic CenterJason Gray, Assistan06-04-03  05:10 pm
Frisco traffic signalCissy Sylo, Director06-04-03  12:06 pm
Dallas TollwayCissy Sylo, Director06-04-03  12:06 pm
Right turn laneBrian Moen, Traffic 06-03-03  06:58 pm
Basketball Goal QuestionJohn Lettelleir06-03-03  10:36 am
FlagpolesJohn Lettelleir06-03-03  09:53 am
Sign Missing - Eldorado and Red SpruceGary Hartwell, Direc06-03-03  06:56 am
Preston and 121 (Northbound - Evening Rush)Brian Moen, Traffic 06-02-03  11:46 am
Road Work on Meadow HillGary Hartwell, Direc05-29-03  06:56 pm
Legacy Shopping Center/Legacy Ranch Shopping CenterBrian Moen, Traffic 19 05-28-03  10:18 am
Election ResultsNan Parker, City Sec05-27-03  03:38 pm
Cars parked in street (again)Todd Renshaw, Chief 05-27-03  08:17 am
"Flexible Gas Piping"Amy Gill, CM Fellows05-22-03  05:48 pm
Flexible Gas Piping 05-22-03  05:23 pm
Tree ordinance for new homes?John Lettelleir05-22-03  03:24 pm
Water Meter ReadingGary Hartwell, Direc05-22-03  01:31 pm
Driving on 121Todd Renshaw, Chief 05-21-03  05:46 pm
HOA Swimming PoolJulie Stallcup, R.S05-21-03  04:04 pm
Tree Trimmings - What to do?Pippa Couvillion05-20-03  09:40 am
New School locationJohn Lettelleir05-19-03  04:15 pm
Speeding on Meadow HillJohn Lettelleir05-15-03  05:50 pm
Braums Ice CreamJohn Lettelleir05-15-03  05:50 pm
Zoning changeJohn Lettelleir05-15-03  05:46 pm
New Bike Trail on Lebanon?Karin Herrmann, CM F05-14-03  09:06 am
School zone speedingTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-14-03  05:58 am
Staley School Zone... Todd Renshaw, Chief 05-12-03  04:32 pm
Garbage cans in park need emptying/cleaningRick Wieland, Dir. o05-12-03  02:06 pm
Why won't anyone answer my thread?Gary Hartwell, Direc05-12-03  08:40 am
Street Light RequestGary Hartwell, Direc05-09-03  08:50 am
Whatever happened to the Telecommunications StudyCurt Balogh05-08-03  09:24 am
Subdivision playgroundsJohn Lettelleir05-07-03  10:49 pm
Trash CansPippa Couvillion05-07-03  12:41 pm
Street Sign Needs UprightingGary Hartwell, Direc05-07-03  10:52 am
School Bus Crossing QuestionTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-06-03  07:40 pm
How to find new streets in FriscoTodd Renshaw, Chief 05-06-03  07:10 pm
Construction on OhioJohn Lettelleir05-06-03  08:31 am
Parks Boardfjaromin05-05-03  04:47 pm
121 construction plans - web site?fjaromin05-05-03  04:47 pm
Railroad - Time/Traffic/NoiseJohn Lettelleir05-05-03  01:18 pm
Mowing needed outside PrestmontAnonymous05-02-03  04:42 pm
Curfew in FriscoAnonymous05-02-03  04:42 pm
Oakbrook Park and neighborhoodRick Wieland, Dir. o05-01-03  05:17 pm
SH121 & DNTBrian Moen, Traffic 04-30-03  04:35 pm
Hillcrest and 121Brian Moen, Traffic 04-30-03  11:38 am
FM 720 (aka FM 3537) at Custer RoadBrian Moen, Traffic 04-30-03  11:24 am
Preston & 121: What's Up?Brian Moen, Traffic 04-30-03  11:24 am
New Message BoardLauren Safranek, HR 04-29-03  11:59 am
Video Cameras at Dallas North Tollway and Main StreetBrian Moen, Traffic 04-28-03  08:48 am
Turnbridge ManorRick Wieland, Dir. o04-26-03  07:33 pm
Frisco EMS ServiceMack Borchardt, Fire04-25-03  03:17 pm
Residential Deadbolt LocksDonnie Mayfield04-24-03  05:30 pm
Tornado ShelterDonnie Mayfield04-24-03  03:12 pm
Interior Sprinkler OrdinanceDonnie Mayfield04-23-03  05:39 pm
Morning Traffic at Warren, Stonebriar Stop SignsBrian Moen, Traffic 04-22-03  12:34 pm
Frisco 911Todd Renshaw, Chief 19 04-21-03  11:16 am
Hillcrest and Lebanonfjaromin04-21-03  09:28 am
Lights on at the BallparkJason Gray, Assistan04-18-03  10:09 am
School Zone SignageBrian Moen, Traffic 04-17-03  07:07 pm
Hillcrest and 121John Lettelleir04-17-03  04:58 pm
Term limitsNan Parker, City Sec04-17-03  01:59 pm
Hillcrest Constructionfjaromin04-17-03  01:40 pm
Trees Required in the Front of HomesJohn Lettelleir04-17-03  11:49 am
Construction on Ohio/PrestmontJohn Lettelleir04-17-03  11:49 am
School zone sign missingAmy Gill, CM Fellows04-16-03  08:36 am
Grass in the StreetD Carroll04-15-03  08:21 am
Sidewalk Chalk at ParksLauren Safranek04-14-03  11:30 am
BenefitsLauren Safranek04-14-03  11:30 am
No Left Turn SB Hillcrest onto LebanonD Carroll04-14-03  06:51 am
Street LightsD Carroll04-14-03  06:51 am
Council RacesBrian04-13-03  10:46 pm
Subdivisions that aren't annexed (yet)Nan Parker, City Sec04-11-03  04:45 pm
Police Directing Traffic on LegacyTodd Renshaw, Chief 04-10-03  10:26 am
Boat on StreetTodd Renshaw, Chief 04-10-03  08:57 am
Rolater & Prestonfjaromin04-09-03  10:35 am
Walmart in FriscoAnonymous04-08-03  10:51 am
Bulldozers on OhioJohn Lettelleir04-08-03  09:30 am
Racquetball Courts in FriscoAnonymous04-05-03  06:50 am
Legacy constructionAnonymous04-05-03  06:50 am
Sidewalk input - one more timeDonnie Mayfield04-04-03  05:41 pm
Vendors on 121fjaromin04-04-03  04:45 pm
Message board softwareKarin Herrmann, CM F04-04-03  12:13 pm
Purchasing a business.Karin Herrmann, CM F04-04-03  10:35 am
Metal Panel Church Donnie Mayfield04-03-03  03:19 pm
Construction @ Hillcrest and 720Brian Moen, Traffic 04-02-03  04:49 pm
Construction Site Trashpippa Couvillion03-28-03  04:58 pm
Eldorado Parkway (Dallas Parkway to 423)fjaromin12 03-27-03  11:37 am
Fence and Driveway building requirementsKarin Herrmann, CM F03-27-03  10:03 am
Handouts let on doorTodd Renshaw, Chief 03-26-03  06:09 pm
Closure of Teel Parkway on 2/27Brian Moen, Traffic 03-25-03  06:46 pm
Tanker with Red Cab??Donnie Mayfield03-25-03  09:19 am
SPEED LIMIT SIGNSBrian Moen, Traffic 13 03-24-03  06:56 pm
Boston Market? 03-21-03  12:06 pm
Patrols along Meadow Hill Dr.Anonymous03-19-03  11:30 pm
Hillcrest Construction Speed LimitBrian Moen, Traffic 03-18-03  06:31 pm
Police Non-Emergency numberTodd Renshaw, Chief 10 03-18-03  03:22 pm
New Roadways Info and street name spellingKarin Herrmann, CM F18 03-18-03  01:08 pm
There went the Neighborhood!Gary Hartwell, Direc03-17-03  04:43 pm
Trees - removalDouglas C. Mousel03-17-03  04:09 pm
Ads in MailboxTodd Renshaw, Chief 03-17-03  12:44 pm
Coit road constructionCurt Balogh12 03-17-03  11:36 am
Frisco Streetfjaromin03-17-03  09:21 am
Custer - grade seperationfjaromin03-17-03  09:15 am
Soccer StadiumJason Gray, Interim 03-14-03  11:03 am
Trash in yardpippa couvillion03-13-03  01:56 pm
City StandardsAnonymous03-13-03  01:34 pm
Night Curfew on Home ConstructionKarin Herrmann, CM F03-13-03  10:11 am
Planning and development submissionsDouglas C. Mousel03-12-03  12:00 pm
Green Building Program updateAnonymous03-07-03  11:06 pm
Preston and Mainfjaromin03-05-03  02:48 pm
Recycling "Make-Up" SchedulePippa Couvillion03-05-03  09:16 am
Sand spreadersGary Hartwell, Direc03-04-03  08:27 am
Water Flow into Street (from home)Donnie Mayfield03-03-03  11:45 am
Railroad Crossing on Main StreetTodd Renshaw, Chief 02-28-03  03:04 pm
Signage in FriscoBrian Moen, Traffic 02-26-03  06:19 pm
Children riding in the front seat.Todd Renshaw, Chief 02-25-03  08:39 am
Frisco ISD StadiumTodd Renshaw, Chief 02-24-03  06:18 pm
Legacy, Lebanon, Warren additionsfjaromin02-24-03  09:50 am
Oil spill on street from garbage truckPippa Couvillion02-21-03  10:49 am
Pot holes and patching of Main St.Gary Hartwell, Direc02-21-03  10:44 am
Information on Sidewalk RegulationsGary Hartwell, Direc02-21-03  10:39 am
New SidewalkGary Hartwell, Direc02-21-03  10:36 am
Wildflowers and Natural grass areasAmy Gill, CM Fellows02-21-03  10:23 am
Dispose excess garden soilAmy Gill, CM Fellows02-19-03  08:55 am
Eldorado Pkwy - Tollway to Prestonfjaromin02-18-03  07:21 pm
Home Invasion in Prestmont Todd Renshaw, Chief 02-17-03  07:51 am
Speeding & unsafe passing on LebanonTodd Renshaw, Chief 02-12-03  02:35 pm
Legacy and 720fjaromin02-11-03  03:20 pm
Number of vehicles per household??Todd Renshaw, Chief 02-11-03  09:18 am
SidewalkDouglas C. Mousel02-11-03  08:55 am
Street LightGary Hartwell, Direc02-11-03  08:14 am
Hillcrest and LebanonKarin Herrmann, CM F02-10-03  02:13 pm
Property on Hillcrest north of LebanonDouglas C. Mousel02-10-03  01:51 pm
Teel & 720Brian Moen, Traffic 13 02-07-03  01:42 pm
Legacy constructionGary Hartwell, Direc02-07-03  10:19 am
INDEPENDENCE AVENUE EXTENSION PLANSJohn Lettelleir02-05-03  09:48 pm
Stonebrook DevelopmentJohn Lettelleir02-05-03  06:13 pm
New Hike and Bike TrailRick Wieland, Dir. o02-05-03  05:58 pm
Road RepairsGary Hartwell, Direc02-05-03  09:18 am
Alarm System feeTodd Renshaw, Chief 02-05-03  08:06 am
Hillcrest and Rolatorpippa couvillion02-04-03  03:20 pm
Frisco Soccer AssociationRick Wieland, Dir. o02-04-03  09:49 am
DSL OR BROADBAND INTERNET IN FRISCOKarin Herrmann, CM F13 02-03-03  05:11 pm
Parking on both sides of the streetTodd Renshaw, Chief 02-01-03  06:34 pm
Health InspectionJulie Stallcup, R.S14 01-31-03  05:36 pm
Number of people living in an apartmentDouglas C. Mousel01-31-03  06:54 am
Title RegistrationTodd Renshaw, Chief 01-29-03  01:08 pm
New Recreation Center LocationRick Wieland, Dir. o01-27-03  05:27 pm
On-line police reportTodd Renshaw, Chief 01-27-03  12:20 pm
Missing Street SignGary Hartwell, Direc01-24-03  11:08 am
Rolater sign in Hunter's Creekfjaromin01-24-03  09:05 am
Trash and Recycling Collection MAPpcouvillion@ci.frisc01-23-03  05:41 pm
Frisco No Smoking OrdinanceJulie Stallcup, R.S01-23-03  01:18 pm
Operation Clean Sweep or Clean up Frisco?pcouvillion@ci.frisc01-22-03  05:04 pm
Eldorado EstatesNan Parker, City Sec01-22-03  05:03 pm
Auto DealersKarin Herrmann, CM F01-22-03  08:47 am
Mother / son danceRick Wieland, Dir. o01-20-03  12:37 pm
New Sports Complex on the TollwayAmy Gill, CM Fellows01-17-03  09:39 am
Robin HoodAmy Gill, CM Fellows01-17-03  09:06 am
Trees in Warren MedianRick Wieland, Dir. o01-16-03  04:02 pm
Newspaper rackAmy Gill, CM Fellows01-15-03  11:22 am
What's going on..Amy Gill, CM Fellows01-13-03  08:29 am
Electricity OutageDC01-08-03  11:10 am
Smoking BanJulie Stallcup, R.S01-07-03  02:06 pm
Dallas SidekicksAmy Gill, CM Fellows01-06-03  04:40 pm
Construction East of Preston Vineyards North on Rolater extention t...fjaromin11 01-06-03  08:58 am
Early Warning SirensAmy Gill, CM Fellows01-06-03  08:41 am
SpeedersTodd Renshaw, Chief 01-01-03  11:28 am
Mailbox replacementAmy Gill, CM Fellows12-30-02  12:51 pm
Christmas tree disposalAmy Gill, CM Fellows12-27-02  09:45 am
Preston Vineyards medianRick Wieland, Dir. o12-23-02  04:29 pm
property complaintAnonymous12-22-02  09:11 am
Large Harley Davidson Trailer!Todd Renshaw, Chief 12-20-02  10:09 am
Disturbing the Peace?Todd Renshaw, Chief 12-20-02  09:56 am
Father daughter danceRick Wieland, Dir. o12-19-02  09:41 am
Project Status Update, CV-0105 and othersfjaromin12-18-02  03:47 pm
Friendship Park Update?Rick Wieland, Dir. o12-17-02  05:29 pm
Who turned out the lights?Gary Hartwell18 12-17-02  03:41 pm
Twin FallsTodd Renshaw, Chief 12-17-02  11:00 am
Development at 720 and 423Douglas C. Mousel12-13-02  05:54 am
Frisco Dog Park?Rick Wieland, Dir. o14 12-11-02  03:15 pm
Performing Arts CenterJason Gray, Interim 12-10-02  09:35 am
Development on west side of Preston south of FisherDouglas C. Mousel12-09-02  04:19 pm
Harassment?Todd Renshaw, Chief 12-06-02  08:35 am
Zoning Change - Water Tower at Hillcrest and CollegeDouglas C. Mousel12-05-02  11:49 am
Lebanon median landscaping, west of LegacyAmy Gill, CM Fellows12-04-02  08:12 am
What happened to 100% BrickDonnie Mayfield12-03-02  12:03 pm
Panther CreekDouglas C. Mousel12-03-02  08:19 am
Stop sign blockedBrian Moen, Traffic 12-02-02  02:37 pm
Legacy and WarrenBrian Moen, Traffic 12-02-02  02:30 pm
Lack of Choice for UtilitiesJason Gray, Interim 12-02-02  09:31 am
FM 2934 SpeedingTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-27-02  10:20 am
Street parkingTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-27-02  10:16 am
North County Rd.Matt Dorsett11-27-02  09:04 am
Feedback listingsAmy Gill, CM Fellows11-27-02  08:25 am
121 improvementsfjaromin11-26-02  10:01 am
Crime in FriscoTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-26-02  08:14 am
Cobb Business ParkDouglas C. Mousel11-26-02  08:00 am
Lebanon Road - Traffic going the wrong wayBrian Moen, Traffic 11-26-02  07:55 am
Spring Creek BarbequeDouglas C. Mousel11-25-02  04:09 pm
Traffic light at 720 & 423Brian Moen, Traffic 11-25-02  01:48 pm
School zone violatorsBrian Moen, Traffic 11-22-02  01:49 pm
El Dorado Parkway improvementBryan Fritchie11-22-02  07:55 am
Street SweepingDanny Carroll11-20-02  04:28 pm
FM423 & lebanonjaromin11-19-02  09:57 am
Zoning Change QuestionJohn Lettelleir11-14-02  08:16 am
Evening Emergency on 11/8/02 in Stewart Creek EstatesMack Borchardt, Fire11-11-02  02:03 pm
Trashcan responsibilityTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-11-02  12:09 pm
What happened toTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-11-02  10:13 am
Railroad Train Whistle OrdinancesTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-08-02  02:33 pm
Train Noise - Lebanon Road near LegacyTodd Renshaw, Chief 11-08-02  02:01 pm
Revision to City WebsiteKarin Herrmann, CM F11-08-02  12:20 pm
Rolater Median Improvements btw Preston Vineyards and Hillcrestjaromin11-08-02  08:56 am
Shepherd's Hill Ln and CoitGary Hartwell, Direc11-08-02  08:50 am
Tax Appraisal for ApartmentsJason Gray, Interim 11-07-02  05:27 pm
Intersection at HWY 121 and ParkwoodBrian Moen, Traffic 11-06-02  06:14 pm
Amending ordinance of screening wallsDouglas C. Mousel11-06-02  08:03 am
Legacy and LebanonBrian Moen, Traffic 11-05-02  09:16 am
Frisco city public access channelJason Gray, Interim 11-05-02  08:35 am
Voting locations please!Nan Parker, City Sec11-04-02  10:08 am
Denton County Transit AuthorityKarin Herrmann, CM F11-01-02  12:10 pm
NOAH ran out of townRick Wieland, Dir. o10-30-02  11:29 am
Cell Phone RegulationTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-30-02  10:24 am
Door to door solicitorsTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-29-02  09:48 am
New Trees on Hillcrest near 121Joseph M Tecson10-29-02  12:38 am
Cleanout maintenance queryGary Hartwell, Direc10-28-02  08:56 am
Fighter Jet Fly-OverTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-28-02  08:43 am
Community mailboxes questionJason Gray, Interim 10-25-02  05:31 pm
Planting between the curb and sidewalkKarin Herrmann, CM F10-25-02  02:17 pm
Custer Rd. and 121 IntersectionFrank Jaromin10-24-02  09:49 am
Damage at new high schoolTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-24-02  09:45 am
ERCOT participationKarin Herrmann, CM F10-24-02  08:31 am
Underground wiresFrank Jaromin10-23-02  04:11 pm
Job Opportunities in FriscoKarin Herrmann, CM F10-23-02  01:08 pm
Technology plan?Jason Gray, Interim 10-23-02  09:49 am
Increased patrol ActivityTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-23-02  09:00 am
Business LicenseJohn Lettelleir10-22-02  02:32 pm
Wal-MartJohn Lettelleir10-22-02  11:29 am
Excessive water on Lebanon east of PrestonDouglas C. Mousel10-22-02  09:45 am
Hillcrest and Jereme Trailfrank jaromin10 10-21-02  02:54 pm
Bike Lanefrank jaromin10-21-02  11:50 am
Neighbors Using our Trash CansTodd Renshaw, Chief 10-21-02  09:32 am
Dataprose AgreementKarin Herrmann, CM F